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Judicial CP - March 1956

Straits Times, Singapore, 27 March 1956

Cypriot youth gets the cane

LIMASSOL (Cyprus) Mon. -- Rogiros Constantinides, a 16-year-old Cypriot student, was sentenced to 12 strokes of the cane here after being arrested by his father -- a police officer.

Constantinides was convicted on two charges of being a member of an unlawful organisation and of distributing leaflets in the name of Eoka, the organisation waging terrorism in support of union with Greece.

His father is a police inspector in the Criminal Investigation Department of Limassol.

Meanwhile, the curfew on Papithos village was lifted today although the inhabitants were still 200 short of the 7,000 collective fine imposed by the Governor, Sir John Harding, for a series of terrorist outbreaks in the village.


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