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Mmegi, Gaborone, 17 October 2003

Head teachers prescribe the stick

By Lorato Maleke
Staff writer


HEAD teachers have said that a mixture of corporal punishment, suspension and parents and teachers guidance should be used to curb indiscipline in schools.

During interviews, a number of school heads agreed that there should be a balance between corporal punishment and suspensions in addition to guidance to deal with errant students.

The head teacher of Kgale Hill CJSS Godfrey Mabhunu has said that he is trying his best with his teachers to inculcate good student behaviour during assembly and registration in classrooms. He pointed out that only a few students commit offences of a serious nature in his school. "We have guidelines on how to punish the students and sometimes we punish them by giving them manual labour like digging a hole, removing grass and even corporal punishment," he said.


Head of Pastoral Theology at Mogoditshane CJSS, Lesego Koketso said the issue of misbehaviour among students is of great concern, adding that it needs to be addressed urgently. "There are so many steps that we can take as Botswana and the root cause is alcohol. Students drink dangerous chemicals in order to get intoxicated and as teachers, I feel the parents together with the stakeholders must stand up and talk the same language," he said.


Koketso argued that African children are adopting western culture and are no longer proud of their roots. "Our culture is there and we have to be proud of it. Let the whip crack," he said adding that if someone commits an offence he must be brought before the chiefs and be whipped.

Moeng Sabone, headmaster of Matsha Senior Secondary, where students recently died after drinking ethanol, said teachers should work together with parents to mould children. "We cannot do this alone," he said.

Other headmasters who said that parents and teachers must work together to discipline students, in addition to corporal punishment and suspension are Lawrence Mazinyane of Sekgoma CJSS in Tsau and a Senior teacher at Maenjani CJSS in Sekakangwe Gadzani Christmas.

Mmegi, 2002

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