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Judicial CP - June 2008

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The Voice, Francistown, 7 June 2008

Bully Relative Lashed

By Nelson Direng

Last week, the Francistown Customary Court sentenced George Kabelo to four strokes and a twelve-month suspended jail term for stabbing his relative, Meshack Ncube, just above the eye with a pair of scissors.

Kabelo, who on several occasions has been detained at Kutlwano Police station for committing similar offences, did not seem remorseful when Deputy Court President Pogisego Mosarwe passed sentence.

Kabelo hails from Tati Siding. He assaulted Ncube at a shebeen some two weeks ago at his late uncle's property distribution ceremony. He apparently could not contain his jealousy towards Ncube, who had inherited a guitar and a pair of shoes while he just got clothing. He is said to have started insulting and making threats to stab Ncube.

Later that day, Ncube, who thought Kabelo was joking, went to a certain Mma Moyo's depot where Kabelo was drinking traditional brew. Ncube then sat a distance away from him so he could also have some brew with some friends and that was when he was attacked.

Ncube said that it was not the first time he had reported Kabelo and most of the time he did it, he ended up forgiving him. "Kabelo terrorises people whenever he gets drunk. His mother never talks to him when he is drunk as he is just trouble. He can even insult my father. The only reason I have been able to forgive him this many times is because I consider him family and I always feel sorry for him."

Constable Kgosiemang, the prosecutor, told the court that Kabelo was a nuisance as on many occasions her office had received different cases involving him. Kabelo's registered previous convictions include common assault, common nuisance and fighting.

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