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Judicial CP - March 2007

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Borneo Bulletin, Bandar Seri Begawan, 30 March 2007

Police solve serial car break-ins, theft

By Amin Hosni and Yusrin Junaidi

Three offenders to be caned
Three Indonesian nationals jailed for car break-ins and theft. - Yusrin Junaidi

The Royal Brunei Police Force has solved serial car break-ins and theft involving B$50,000 in cash, leading to the arrest of three Indonesian nationals who have been sentenced by the Magistrate's Court to three years and two strokes of the cane.

Separately, the police have also succeeded in solving four vehicle theft cases and have arrested three locals aged 24-30 years. The vehicles were reported missing between January and February 2007.

"Between last December and February this year, the Brunei Police Headquarters received many reports of money being stolen from vehicles. The total amount of money reported stolen was around B$50,000," said Acting Senior Supdt Pg Hj Rakit bin Pg Hj Othman, OCPC of RBPF Bandar.

The police launched an investigation and captured the three - Deroi Penyimbang, 33, Roby Setiawan, 32, Putra Jaya, 37, all Indonesian nationals - who committed the crimes at different locations.

The investigation also laid bare the modus operandi of the trio. Their targets were victims who happened to withdraw large sums of money at bank counters.

They would follow the victim out of the bank without them being noticed by the victim.

The trio would get into their rented vehicle and follow the victim until he/she reaches his/her destination where the crime would be committed. As soon as the victim left his/her car unattended the three would take advantage by breaking the window of the victim's car to lay their hands on the cash.

The suspects were believed to have entered the country as visitors and stayed at a hotel in the capital.

Meanwhile, in the car theft case, the police have recovered four vehicles and the suspects will be produced before the court.

The police also solved some theft cases in which three locals were brought to court and sentenced to jail terms.

The police have urged the public to be more careful and be aware of the surroundings whenever they withdraw cash from banks or ATMs.

If anyone suspects that he/she is being followed by a stranger, they should immediately call the police hotline 993 or any police station nearby so that swift actions could be taken.

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