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School CP - July 1955

The News, Adelaide, 14 July 1955

Adults say 'No' to caning

But a boy says 'Yes'

Caning is not the most effective punishment for children, according to six Adelaide people interviewed today.

And -- to prove that they are right -- a 12-year-old boy agreed he would rather be caned than be deprived of his pocketmoney.

In London recently a headmaster asked 350 parents if they were in favor of caning. All but a few answered yes.

The Adelaide people asked for their opinions today said the cane should be used with moderation and only when other methods failed.

Here are their opinions:

mugshots of those interviewed

Mr. W.B. Long, of Tennant Creek: If an adult loses his temper and canes a child it can have a bad and lasting affect [sic] on the child's nerves. The cane should never be used in temper. It may be necessary occasionally, but it is better to be firm with a child throughout his upbringing than to suddenly hit him without explaining why he is doing wrong.

Mrs. K. Griffiths, of North Walkerville: It is not necessary to cane children. An imposition which keeps him at school when the other children have finished their work, or the loss of some enjoyment, such as a special outing, is more effective.

Mr. Alex Krijoff, of Fullarton: Children should never be punished without being told why they are at fault. Caning could have a detrimental affect [sic] on a child's temperament. Other forms of punishment should be used.

Mrs. I. Timpson, of Camperdown, Vic.: There are times when it is necessary to hit a child, but in most cases this should be avoided. The cane is often the best remedy for defiance, but in cases of dishonesty or wilful damage it is wiser to impress on the child why his conduct is wrong.

Mr. R. Reeve, of South Payneham: A severe reprimand is better than a caning. Possibly the cane is the only means of keeping some children in order, but it should be used only with moderation.

mugshot of schoolboy Trevor WesteMrs. L. Weste, of Alberton: I do not believe it is necessary to use the cane. Teachers who hit a child lose his confidence, and this adversely affects his schoolwork. At home the best punishment is to take away a child's pocket-money, or stop him from going to the pictures.

Trevor Weste, 12, of Alberton, showed the wisdom of his mother's opinion by saying: I would much rather be caned than lose my pocket money.

Not that Trevor approved of caning. But of the two evils he said he would prefer a punishment which lasted only a minute to one, like losing his pocket-money, which would last a week.

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