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Judicial CP - October 1954

Truth, Adelaide, 23 October 1954

Armed Thieves Ordered a Flogging

CONVICTED armed robbers Robert Edward Terry and Donald James Beaumont were ordered a flogging in the Adelaide Criminal Court this week.

cuttingTerry (34), laborer, of Welbourne St., Mitcham, and Beaumont (25), truck driver, of Grange Rd., Hindmarsh, were also sentenced to six years imprisonment on each of two charges of robbery under arms, to be served concurrently.

Faces Deportation

TERRY was convicted on charges of having robbed John Hyam Lipman, well known Adelaide dentist, and his wife of 141/10/- at their home at Walkerville on August 15.

Beaumont, who pleaded not guilty at first, changed his plea to guilty to the same charges on the first day of the trial.

In a plea for leniency, Mr. C. Villeneuve Smith (for Terry and Beaumont) said there had been no physical violence against the Lipmans.

He added that Beaumont, who was an Englishman, would be deported.

The two men stood tight-lipped and silent in the dock during the submissions which lasted nearly half an hour, and betrayed no sign of emotion when the judge ordered them 12 strokes of the lash.

Passing sentence, his Honor said: "I feel that this sort of conduct -- holding up people in their homes with a rifle -- cannot be tolerated, and I have always faced up to this fact.

"Anything which involves the violation of the home and terrorisation with a gun must be put down with rigor. I have a very strong feeling that this type of offence is tending to grow in Australia today.

"I want to make it quite clear that South Australia is not going to tolerate robbery under arms."

The Crown prosecutor (Mr. J.R. Kearnan) prosecuted; Mr. C. Villeneuve Smith for Terry and Beaumont.

Truth, Sydney, 31 October 1954

Two men may get the 'cat'

ADELAIDE, Sat. -- Two men probably will receive 12 strokes of the "cat" on Monday for the armed robbery of the Adelaide home of socially prominent dentist Mr. H.J. Lipman.

The men are Robert Edward Terry (34), of Mitcham, and Donald James Beaumont (25), of Hindmarsh.

They were each sentenced to 12 strokes of the "cat" and six years' gaol in Adelaide Criminal Court on October 21.

After a prisoner is sentenced to a whipping he is allowed 10 days in which to appeal against sentence. Tomorrow is the final day for the two men to appeal.

If the men do not appeal they will be whipped in the Adelaide Gaol in the presence of gaol officials and a medical officer.


They will be heavily padded around the shoulders and kidneys to prevent serious damage.

Only a small part of their backs will be exposed. The men will be examined before the whipping begins and after each stroke.

Gaol officials said today that no criminal who had been whipped in South Australia had been gaoled again for a similar charge.

Very few convictions of any kind have been recorded against men after a whipping.

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