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Judicial CP - August 1928

Corpun file 22648

The Advertiser, Adelaide, 28 August 1928

Flagellator Wanted.

Woman Offers Services.

Boy Awaits a Birching.

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Perth, August 27.

The announcement that the authorities had failed to find any official willing to birch a 15-year-old boy found guilty of criminally assaulting a girl of seven, has resulted in a number of volunteers offering. The latest is a woman who has six children of her own. In her offer she stated, "Surely if there was more flogging in similar cases we would have less of such crimes. A burly policeman with children of his own should offer his services. If not, although I am not of robust build, out of a sense of duty to humanity and especially little defenceless children, I willingly offer my services, if no man comes forth to offer."

The boy is out on bail awaiting his birching.

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