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The Alexander City Outlook, Alabama, 13 June 2018

County schools update policy, student handbook

By Donald Campbell


During Monday night's meeting, the Tallapoosa County Board ofEducation reviewed policy changes and the latest edition of thestudent handbook, while also recognizing the achievements ofseveral students and hearing from parents and their concerns.

Due to recent concerns with the board's policy on corporalpunishment, the board sought to clean up some of the language andmake the policy on paddling students clearer. This included, onthe section regarding notifying parents corporal punishment hadbeen administered, adding language stating that attempts tonotify parents needed to be made within 24 hours, or by the endof the next school day, that a paddling had been administered.After the discussion, the board approved making clarificationchanges to the policy.


Following several recommendations from a committee made up ofschool officials along with a handful of parents and students,the most updated version of the code of conduct student handbookwas presented to the board for their consideration. Many of thechanges were cleaning up the wording of certain portions of thecode of conduct and updating certain policies based on thechanges of board policy over the past year.


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Lebanon Democrat, Tennessee, 28 June 2018

Several new education laws to go into effect July 1

By Jacob Smith


Several education laws approved during this year's legislativesession will take effect Monday when the second half of the year begins.


-- An amendment that allows for the use of corporal punishmentagainst a student with a disability if the local educationagency's discipline policy permits corporal punishment and aparent of the child with a disability permits, in writing, theuse of corporal punishment against the child. The writtenpermission must state the type of punishment that may be used andthe circumstances in which punishment is permitted.


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