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Daily News, Dar es Salaam, 28 November 2017

Two villagers jailed 60 years over robbery

By Pete Siyame
in Mlele

TWO Mapili villagers were yesterday convicted of armed robbery and sentenced to a total of 60 years in jail. Mlele District Magistrate's Court convicted the accused on their own plea of guilty, admitting to have used machetes to rob a rice trader from Tabora region of his 3.5 m/-.

The court also ordered each of the convicts to receive 12 strokes of the cane, six on the beginning of their sentences and the rest be administered at the end of the incarceration. The court returned 650,000/- in cash to the robbery victim, one Hamis, being the money found in one of the convicts who admitted it was his share of the 3.5m/- loot.

Before the trial magistrate Teotimus Swai were 22-year old Benjamin Kasinji and Masumbuko Mayunga (32), both peasants from Mapili village at Kamalampaka area in the district. They were all ordered to remain behind bars for 30 years.

"Also, each of you will be caned 12 strokes, six during the start of your jail terms and the rest upon completion of the sentence," added Mr Swai. The trial magistrate said he had meted out the harsh sentences to the convicts as per article 287(2), chapter 16 of the penal code.

Prosecuting, Inspector of Police Baraka Hongoli charged before the court that the duo committed the crime on the wee hours of November 26 at unregistered guest house at Kamalampaka village when three armed people broke into the room in which the trader had slept.

However, the wounded Hamis managed to escape but the assailants ran after him until he told them that he had left a bag with money in the guest house room. They then rushed to the room and grabbed the 3,500,000/-.

According to Inspector Hongoli, curious and vigilant villagers spotted the suspects whom they chased and arrested Kasinji in possession of 650,000/- in cash. He admitted that the money was his share of the looted cash.

It was further alleged that another convict, Masumbuko was apprehended on Sunday at around 6:00pm at Mloglo area at Mapili village where he had gone to ask for food, lying that he had ran to the precinct after being caught red handed with a married woman. He was suspected and put under arrest.

"Although the two accused had no previous criminal record, yet I ask the court to impose on them severe punishment that will serve as a lesson to others who have similar evil habits," the prosecutor pleaded before the court.

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