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Judicial CP - September 2016

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The Saturday Herald, Harare, 3 September 2016, p.L5

Grade 5 pupil up for rape

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A GRADE Five Honde Valley pupil was convicted of raping a six-year-old girl from the same area. He was sentenced to receive moderate corporal punishment for the offence. In addition to the three strokes of rattan cane which will be administered at Rusape Prison in private, the 14-year-old boy was also sentenced to a wholly suspended two-year jail term by Rusape regional magistrate, Mr Livingstone Chipadza. The teenager, who was accompanied by his mother in the dock and was not represented, pleaded guilty to the offence.

Mr Chipadza severely warned the teenager against committing such serious offence as rape, saying he was tarnishing his image by having a criminal record at a tender age. Rusape District prosecutor, Mr Tirivanhu Mutyasira told the court that the young girl went to the boy's homestead to play. The boy took advantage that he was alone at the homestead and dragged her into the bush before raping her.

"On October 15, 2015, around 4pm, the complainant went to the defendant's homestead to play. She found the accused person alone. The accused person dragged the complainant into the bush which is behind their houses and raped her. Afterwards, the young girl went back home and did not tell anyone about the incident. The matter came to light on October 17, 2015 when the girl's mother was bathing her. She noticed some bruises near the girl's privates. She asked the complainant what had happened and that is when the she disclosed that the accused person had raped her.

"The girl's mother reported the matter to the police. The girl was medically examined leading to the accused person's arrest," said Mr Mutyasira. -- The Manica Post.

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The Chronicle, Bulawayo, 5 September 2016, p.3

Rape convict offered child victim 10 cents

By Leonard Ncube
Victoria Falls Reporter

Press cutting

A TEENAGER employed as a herdboy in Lupane raped his employer's four-year-old daughter after promising to give her 10 cents.

Mpumelelo Moyo pleaded not guilty to rape when he appeared before Hwange regional magistrate Mrs Dambudzo Malunga on Friday but was convicted due to overwhelming evidence.

The little girl is an Early Childhood Development B pupil.

In May, the girl's mother arrived home early from St Luke's Hospital where she works as a nurse and was welcomed by a limping daughter who told her that Moyo had just raped her.

Moyo, from Mafinyela Village under Chief Mabhikwa in Lupane, has a dentist to thank for a non-custodial sentence after the teeth specialist estimated that he is aged between 17 and 18 years.

The dentist was consulted because Moyo's age was not known as he does not have any form of identification.

Mrs Malunga regarded Moyo as a 17-year-old, making him a juvenile and sentenced him to five cuts with a rattan cane.

Prosecuting, Mr Tawanda Sigauke said the girl's mother arrived home and found her daughter struggling to walk following the sex attack.

"On May 8 the girl's mother went to work and left her in the custody of the accused. At 1PM, Moyo invited the girl to a bedroom hut upon which he lifted and placed her on the bed facing upwards and raped her once while promising to give her 10 cents," said the prosecutor.

The court heard that Moyo was disturbed by the arrival of his victim's mother who called out her name.

The girl immediately walked out of the hut and her mother noticed that she was walking with some difficulty.

"The mother quizzed her daughter who revealed that she had been sexually abused by Moyo. She was taken to St Luke's Hospital where a medical examination proved that she had been sexually abused," said Mr Sigauke.

Meanwhile, the court was told that Moyo has another pending case of rape which he committed in the same village and is waiting to be summoned to court after investigations are completed.

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