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Times of Swaziland, Mbabane, 19 February 2015

Mayiwane head teacher admits giving pupil 15 strokes

By Sikelela Mamba

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MAYIWANE -- Head Teacher of Mayiwane High School Anderson Mkhonta has admitted unleashing 15 strokes to a Form I pupil for not wearing a neck tie properly.

Mkhonta says he gave the strokes in intervals, as permitted by the law governing the administration of corporal punishment.

The incident occurred last Wednesday where the head teacher allegedly summoned the pupil *Thabo to his office together with another male pupil.

According to a source, upon arrival at the head teacher's office, Mkhonta is said to have asked the pupils why they were outside their classrooms when others were busy in class.

Mkhonta is alleged to have informed the pupils that they had breached the school's rules and regulations and further promised to punish them.

When Thabo's turn came, Mkhonta is alleged to have alerted him that he was facing three offences.

"He punished him for not tucking in his school shirt, for not properly wearing his neck tie and also for being seen outside class during lessons," said the source.

Mkhonta is alleged to have told the pupil that he would treat each of the offences separately, stating that a certain number of strokes would be given for each of the three offences.

It is alleged that Mkhonta then administered 15 strokes on the pupil's buttocks.

The following day, Mkhonta is said to have sent Thabo back home to fetch his parent.

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