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Saudi Gazette, Jeddah, 27 February 2013

Mother to decide fate of ungrateful son

By Tamder Al-Rehaili
Okaz/Saudi Gazette

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JEDDAH -- The Criminal Court in Jeddah has sentenced a man to prison for fracturing his elderly mother's hand and was told he will not be released until his victim is satisfied he has sufficiently repented his actions.

He assaulted her repeatedly, the court was told during the trial.

The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution had detained the man and filed a case against him.

The woman asked the judge to discipline her son for his ungratefulness. The man admitted to the charges against him and said he had lost his temper and assaulted his mother when she intervened to protect her daughter from him.

In addition, the judge sentenced the man to 200 lashes.

He will receive 10 lashes a week in public places near mosques and markets.

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