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Viewing the video clips on this website

By C. Farrell

Currently the videos on this website are housed in a number of different servers (mostly Photobucket, IPlayerHD, ClipMoon, or YouTube) for various largely historical reasons.

Readers using certain devices may find that the videos housed at ClipMoon and Photobucket will not play on their device. This is because these depend on the use of Adobe Flash, which is being discontinued in 2020. Some browsers, especially Google Chrome, have already started making difficulties about playing Flash videos, particularly over a secure connection such as that now used by this website's ISP (this is why the URL now starts with https:// instead of http://). I am solving this problem over time by gradually migrating all the clips in question from Flash-based sites to ones that use HTML5 coding, which should work natively in all browsers. But meanwhile you may find that some of them won't play in Firefox or, especially, Chrome, depending on your system and how it is configured.

The easiest workaround for the moment seems to be to use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge instead of Firefox or Chrome. These are free and there is no reason why you can't have more than one browser on your computer.

Different considerations apply for mobile devices (see further down this page).

Desktop or laptop

You may have to wait several seconds for the video to load. If the ClipMoon or Photobucket videos still won't play, make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed and up to date and enabled. Get it here for free:

If you are using an Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser, if it asks whether you want to "Show all content", say yes.

The equivalent manoeuvre in Firefox is to click the "Show site information" icon at the far left end of the address bar. If it says "Firefox has blocked parts of this page that are not secure", click the arrow to the right of that sentence and choose "Disable protection for now".

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, Adobe Flash is theoretically already built in and should update automatically. For troubleshooting videos in Chrome, go here:

In practice, despite what Google claims, the built-in Flash player in Chrome doesn't necessarily work. Simply reinstalling Chrome can sometimes solve the problem. If you still just get a blank space where the video should be, go to and select your operating system in "Step 1" (e.g. Windows 7) and then in "Step 2" choose "FP 29 for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI". Then hit "Download now". Once Adobe Flash has installed, close Chrome and then restart it.

Mobile devices (smartphone or tablet)

Apple's iOS operating system (as used on the iPad and iPhone) is incompatible with Adobe Flash. Users of these (and maybe some other) devices need to instal a mobile browser app that incorporates Flash. I have been told that "Puffin" works well. Get it here for free:

There is also a version of Puffin for Android devices (e.g. Samsung), if needed:

General information about Puffin:

For further information, try googling "video won't play on iPad". There are also various tutorials to be found on YouTube (but I cannot vouch for their quality or reliability).


(1) Video clips housed at IPlayerHD or YouTube should work on all platforms and all devices as they are coded in HTML5 and do not require Flash.

(2) So why don't I just put all my video clips on IPlayerHD or YouTube?
-- In the case of IPlayerHD it is because I have to pay for the bandwidth, which gets quite expensive.
-- In the case of YouTube it is because a lot of CP videos get arbitrarily deleted, and also there are sometimes intrusive advertisements.

(3) Very occasionally a video server such as ClipMoon may simply be temporarily down altogether. In this case one just has to wait and try later.

(4) Please let me know if you have followed all the above instructions and still find that a video on won't play. Also if you have technical expertise in this area and think any of this information is incorrect or inadequate.

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