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Viewing the video clips on this website

By C. Farrell


All the video clips that previously used Adobe Flash technology have now been deleted from the site. Flash had become obsolete, and Adobe no longer supports it. More crucially, those clips would not work on some user devices, notably most if not all smartphones, or at least not without the user installing extra software.

 (When this website began in 1996 there were only desktop computers. Now in 2022, smartphone users make up more than half the visitors to the site.)

 I have been solving this problem over time by migrating the clips in question from Flash-based sites to ones that use HTML5 coding, which should work natively in all modern browsers on all devices. This is a very time-consuming job. I have done quite a lot of them, including some of the particularly interesting and/or popular clips, but I have not finished yet.

 Meanwhile, readers will find some pages where in place of a video clip is the message "This video clip is unavailable". These will be replaced as time goes on, or in some cases deleted altogether where the clip was of only marginal interest.

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