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Judicial CP - February 2004

Corpun file 13143

Liverpool Echo, 13 February 2004

You say

Get physical

I BELIEVE corporal punishment has to be included in the arsenal of crime-prevention.

When the cane was banned from schools, rebellious behaviour mushroomed. Criminally-minded young people emerged not even slightly fearful of any so-called 'punishment' that society threatened them with.

The worst that regular young offenders face is being sent to a detention centre -- where they can meet old friends and their only worry is deciding whether to spend the afternoon sleeping or watching the TV.

Like most people, I long for the day when potential offenders are faced with the fear of physical punishment if they break the law, rather than witness them laughing at society's pathetic efforts to deter them.

Physical punishment is not old fashioned or cruel: it is an essential part of a civilised society and is in the best interests of potential lawbreakers as well as their victims.

Paul Forrest
Liverpool 11


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