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Judicial CP - November 1998

The Monitor, Kampala, 12 November 1998

Up country

Mbale robbers get 7 years

By Charles F. Guluma In Mbale

The High Court in Mbale presided over by Justice Augustine Kania on November 5 sentenced two men found guilty of robbery to seven years imprisonment, six strokes of the cane and payment of Shs 250,000 to the complainant.

The duo had served three-and-a-half years on remand.

Court heard that the accused, James Wamwami, Hudson Mukwana, and deceased Anthony Matege robbed James Wakhama at Buwasu village, Mbale, on March 26, 1995.

They robbed the victim of Shs 180,000 and stole household property worth Shs 500,000.

Prosecution further stated that the accused persons flashed torches during the robbery, which enabled the victim to identify them.

Kania noted that they did not use any deadly weapon and therefore convicted them of simple robbery.

Corpun file 3995

The Monitor, Kampala, 18 November 1998

Up country

Man caned over obscene words

By Joshua Kato In Nakaseke

Dom Makumbi, 21, a casual labourer in Mifunya village, Nakaseke, was recently canned [sic] by LCs for using obscene words. The decision to punish Makumbi was reached after warnings against the practice fell on deaf ears. According to the area secretary for youth, Makumbi would not speak any sentence without using obscene words, totally mindless of its impact on the young children.

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