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Judicial CP - July 1998

Kabale chief gets 50 strokes for womanising

By Bishanga Kabishanga

A sub-county chief in Kabale district has been arrested and given 50 strokes of the cane for allegedly poaching on another man's wife and threatening to kill her husband.

Monday Aryeija, the sub-county chief of Kitumba, Ndorwa East, was on Monday, July 7, arrested by the military at Karubanda Trading Centre on the orders of a GISO operative commonly known as "Mr Man".

He was alleged to have been living in concubinage with the wife of one John Twebaze, whom he reportedly threatened with death using a gun belonging to Kabale administration.

One Kamufozi, an askari who is said to have been charged with threatening to kill Twebaze, is also in police custody.

Aryeija who was driving himself in car Reg No. 399 UCS was ordered out of his car and bundled onto a military vehicle which took him to Kirigime Military Barracks.

Here, the adulterous chief was flogged 50 times before he was transferred to Kabale Police Station.

The commanding officer of Kabale Police Station, ASP Kaggwa Kalebi, confirmed to The Monitor that Aryeija had been given 50 strokes of the cane.

Kalebi said the suspect was wrong to use the gun of the district administration and Kamufozi to hunt down Twebaze because he wanted to take his [Twebaze's] wife.

"The CID are carrying out investigations to have the sub-county chief charged, but surely if what is said is true, then he did bad," Kalebi told The Monitor.

Twebaze said he had complained to the LCs about the chief's manoeuvres with his wife, Joyce Busingye, for over eight months.

"I have already divorced as I cannot stay with the woman who has other men and now the Gombolola (sub-county) chief wants to kill me," he said.

He charged that Aryeija and some district administration askaris had, July 4, followed him to his brick-making work place, and shot in the air, forcing him and his workers to run for dear lives.

Twebaze further alleged that he found a bullet in his house, July 6, after the sub-county chief sent him Kamufozi who had threatened to shoot him before he escaped.

Aryeija and Kamufozi are in police custody pending court charges.

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