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Judicial CP - February 1997

The Monitor, Kampala, 3 February 1997

Boy attempts to rape mother

By Linga Richard in Kapchorwa

Angry villagers in Kapchorwa beat a boy into unconsciousness because he attempted to rape his mother.

David Baita of Kapsoyoyi village in Kaserem, Kapchorwa district tried to rape his mother on Jan.19.

Villagers claim the boy returned home late in the night and threatened to kill his mother if she did not play sex with him.

He had allegedly been drinking waragi (local potent gin) and smoking opium.

Baita is said to have battled his mother in a futile bid to force her into incest.

The mother, however, made an alarm which attracted his father who threw him off his mother.

The parents fled and slept at the neighbour's home when Baita threatened to kill them. He set his father's house and kitchen on fire.

Next morning, clan elders and the mob confronted Baita who was armed with a pile of big stones.

The mob attacked him with sticks and stones and arrested him after they broke his arm.

A clan court ordered his father to whip him 18 times.

When this correspondent visited the area, the boy was calm and his hand was being treated with local herbs.

The Monitor, Kampala, 5 February 1997

Elders whip youth for neglecting free education

By Linga Richard in Kapchorwa

Two youth in Bulegeni village in Bulambuli sub-county, Mbale district were recently whipped by their chiefs and clan elders until they promised to go back to school.

The clan elders of Kasuma under clan leader, Yosia Chemandwa, bundled up several youth including Chekweir Moses Chemisto Allan, Sikoria and whipped them for "jumping" out of school.

"Some have become thieves and thugs who disturb the area," Mzee Chemendwa said.

Area chiefs and elders mounted a man-hunt for the youth who had refused to register for the free Universal Primary Education.

Elder Chemandwa said the youth failed to do constructive work and took to irresponsible drinking.

In the meeting held by the elders and chiefs of the Kasume educational committee chaired by Milton arap Chemendwa, the participants stressed the importance of education.

They said they were embarrassed by school drop-outs while the area had very few educated people.

They appealed to the MP, Charles Madibo and residents to contribute and offer education facilities.

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