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Judicial CP - July 2003

Corpun file 11777

New Vision, Kampala, 16 July 2003

Mbale clan condemns incest

By Joseph Wanzusi

Incidents of incest among Tsema clan members in Mbale and Sironko districts have prompted the clan leaders and elders to enact tough bye-laws to curb the practice.

At a general meeting of the clan held at Bufumbula village in Sibanga sub-county, elders proposed that effective this month, any member found practising incest would be fined a cow, goat and a sheep, and get strokes of the cane.

The clan leader, Abuneri Kholokha, told the meeting that some of his kinsmen who married their relatives claimed that they were doing it to expand their clan.

He said some parents encouraged their children to practice incest.

The meeting, however, suggested that those who have produced children should be pardoned.

The meeting resolved that those without children should divorce.

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Corpun file 11780

New Vision, Kampala, 26 July 2003

Busia Woman Punished For Late Coming

By David Wanyama

A 29-year-old woman from Buwanda village in Masafu sub-county, Busia district Annet Nabwire was recently given some strokes of the cane, for allegedly coming late in a women's meeting.

Nabwire was allegedly forced to the ground recently by the village council chairperson.

Nabwire, narrated the story to her friend Sarah saying she arrived at the meeting a few minutes past the starting time. She was forced into a school classroom, where they had packed a bundle of sticks.

"I was asked why I came late and what example I would give to the young members of the group," Nabwire narrated to her friend.

"No sooner had I defended my late coming than I was forced to the floor for canes," she continued.

Nabwire said that she had not even known why the women had called the meeting, but only to be welcomed by the strokes.

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