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Judicial CP - June 1997

Trinidad Express, 21 June 1997

Lawyer escapes jail term

By Fulton Wilson

DEFENCE attorney Gregory Delzin almost found himself in the prison cells of the Hall of Justice for contempt after attacking the administration and system of justice last Friday. Justice Anthony Lucky, presiding in the Port of Spain First Criminal Court yesterday, said it had been his intention to find Delzin guilty of contempt of court for his actions.

Delzin walked out of the Port of Spain First Criminal Court during a wounding trial last week Friday. He later returned and told the judge he could not continue with "this system of justice".

Delzin also asked the judge to remove himself from the case and said his client would not get a fair trial. His comments were made after the judge refused to allow him to question the chopping victim, Gerald "Jabbar" Jobe, about his character.

Jobe's attacker, Hale Besson, 23, of Morvant, who was found guilty of wounding Jobe last Friday, was sentenced yesterday by the judge to seven years' imprisonment and ordered to receive five strokes. The judge said last week it was an ideal case in which community service could be imposed, but he had to study all the facts before passing the sentence.

Delzin was not in court yesterday. The judge had intended to pass the sentence next Friday but decided to pass the sentence yesterday. The judge said the court would not condone behaviour which was a bad example for young lawyers.

"If Mr Delzin was here, he would hear what I am going to say. Originally it was my intention to find him guilty of contempt of court when he came back to say he could not continue with this system of justice. This is attacking the administration of justice and the system of justice. It is obnoxious behaviour and it is not expected of any attorney," he said.

Justice Lucky added that Delzin was very fortunate that English and Commonwealth courts suggested that only in extreme circumstances should a lawyer be found in contempt. "This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in the future. It is not the example to follow," he said, adding that no judge would tolerate it in future.

Geoffrey Hendersson conducted the State's case. Jobe was chopped by Besson with a cutlass after an argument on February 15, 1991.

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