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Swazi Observer, Mbabane, 15 November 1999

News in Brief

Prince Mfanasibili warns parents against victimising teachers

EZULWINI - Prince Mfanasibili has said parents should stop victimising teachers for punishing their children.

The senior prince said as parents themselves, teachers had an obligation to instil discipline in children.

Prince Mfanasibili was addressing parents and teachers of Lingiwe pre-school at a graduation ceremony, where he was guest speaker.

He said is had become a habit for some parents to threaten teachers, with either violence or lawsuits, for punishing their children.

He said stopping teachers from punishing students would have a negative impact on children as they would end up being unruly.

He said he had read several reports in newspapers where parents sued teachers for punishing their children.

"It is very shocking to see parents taking teachers to court, just because a teacher beat a student," he said.

He said, however, he did not mean that children should be punished anyhow, but said there should be a constructive way of instilling discipline in children.

The prince also urged parents to co-operate with teachers to create an enabling environment for the improvement of the children's education.

Prince Mfanasibili also thanked the Zeeman family who run a number of businesses in the area, for donating a piece of land where the pre-school is situated.

The event, which was the first for the pre-school since its inception, was held at the National Chinese Handicraft Center.

Also in attendance during the ceremony was Mr Swaziland Sifiso Motsa.

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