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Judicial CP - August 2006

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The Independent, Freetown, 4 August 2006

Student Suggests Public Flogging of Unruly Cops

By Joshua Kawa

A Senior Secondary School Student of the Albert Academy in Freetown, who is the Secretary General, Global Network for Children Worldwide, Abdul Ramzay Bah, has said that police officers, of junior or senior ranks should be given twelve hard lashes either on their bare backs or buttocks for unruly behaviour.

He was speaking at a seminar at the Santanno House, Howe Street in the capital Freetown on July 27. It was organised by Lawyers Centre for Legal Assistance (LAWCLA), the Fifty-Fifty Group and the Forum for African Women Educationists - Sierra Leone Chapter (FAWE).

The seminar with the theme 'Need to Review the 1991 constitution of Sierra Leone' brought together many professionals from all walks of life notably, the legal profession and human right groups.

Bah wondered "why police officers, members of the judiciary behave as if they were above the laws of the state".

He said he was always mad to hear of cops (custodians of law) involved in thieving and other criminal acts, which were contrary to their duties and as role models of society.

Abdul Bah suggested that the Law Reform Commission should adequately inform chiefs and police officers that felt they were above the law to behave and work in conformity with the laws of the country. He cited an instance when police officers were caught stealing along Mountain Cut in Freetown, booed and severely beaten up by a mob.

"Journalists should also act as checks and balances in society and not as masters but servants." Bah added.

Away from that, Bah also touched on the prevalence of early marriage of girls in the country, which he condemned.

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