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Judicial CP - June 2005

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The Age, Melbourne, Australia, 21 June 2005

PNG judge wants rapists whipped

Port Moresby, PNG
June 20, 2005 - 2:46PM

Robbers and rapists should be caned and whipped in public by their victims, a Papua New Guinean judge says.

Justice Gibbs Salika made his call in the National Court in Port Moresby when he sentenced a man to 11 years jail for armed robbery, PNG's Post-Courier newspaper reported today.

Current punishments dished out by the courts did not seem to deter offenders from committing such crimes, he said.

"We should go back in time to impose beatings and lashings in regard to crimes like robbery and rape because it has customary connotations and biblical support," the judge said.

"Caning used to be used in our custom and that had an immediate effect."

Robbery and rape victims should publicly cane and lash offenders whose shame at receiving such punishment would deter others, he said.

Salika said Singapore and other countries still caned people.

PNG has a serious crime problem with murders, armed robberies and rapes committed by gangs of unemployed men and youths in the larger cities and towns.

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