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School CP - August 1998

The Gleaner, Kingston, 13 August 1998


Corporal punishment, yes


The immediate past president of the Jamaica Teachers Association, (JTA) not too long ago, advised teachers not to touch the children.

My understanding of this strong statement is that teachers are to refrain from corporal punishment, in its totality.

This announcement seemed to stir anger in many well-thinking parents, guardians and others who showed some measure of disapproval on the 'call-in' programmes.

The Ministry of Education had made a ruling on this matter, that this must be administered by principals only and within closed doors.

From this uneasiness, the Ministry should make a policy statement publicly to appease this situation for all concerned.

Let me refer to what the scriptures pronounced on such matters. In 2nd Samuel Chapter 7 verse 14 it reads: "I will be his father, and he shall be my son. When he does wrong, I will punish him as my father might, and not spare the rod."

I am not in anyway suggesting that it should be the only correctional method, but children should love but still be fearful of their teachers, if discipline is to be maintained.

I am hoping that the incoming president of the JTA will focus on this issue and give his opinion.

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