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Judicial CP - January 2003

Al-Bawaba, Jordan, 5 January 2003

Court in Iran sentences prostitution ring members to over 4,000 lashes

An Iranian court has sentenced 90 members of a prostitution ring controlling 24 brothels to a total of 4,710 lashes and prison terms, according to Entekhab newspaper.

The paper, in its Saturday edition, said the ring was exposed four months ago following the arrest of a 21-year-old woman in Yaftabad, a southwestern district of Tehran.

Another prostitute working for the network, identified as Ronak, was quoted as saying that in four years of work she had "earned enough to buy a Peugeot 206".

Aside from lashes, the paper added that some of the gang members were also given jail terms of up to four years. (

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Al-Bawaba, Jordan, 25 January 2003

Iranian youth flogged for drinking alcohol

Eleven Iranian youths, including high school students, were flogged in the Robat-Karim suburb of southwestern Tehran for drinking alcohol, Seday-e-Edalat paper reported.

In its Saturday edition, the paper said the youth received 100 lashes each, including 80 for consuming alcohol and 20 for hollering while they were under the influence of the alcohol. (

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