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Judicial CP - June 1964

Liverpool Echo, UK, 6 June 1964

3 Boys From Liverpool

Birched in I.O.M. After Grab Raid

Then Put On Boat

cuttingA midnight smash and grab raid on a Douglas jewellers shop resulted in three Liverpool boys being birched at Douglas yesterday and to-day they were escorted to the Pier, and placed on board a passenger steamer for Liverpool.

The bench of the Juvenile Court in which the boys appeared ordered the publications of their names and addresses. They are: Reginald Whelan, aged 16, of Gill St., who received six strokes of the birch; Thomas Goulding, aged 16, of Hardy Street, six strokes of the birch; and Anthony Molloy, aged 15, of Dorrit Street, three strokes of the birch.

They admitted breaking and entering the jewellers shop in Strand Street, Douglas and stealing watches and bracelets valued at 288.

Took Watches

Police Inspector Clague, prosecuting, said the boys smashed a window just after midnight on Monday and took the watches and bracelets out through the broken glass. They were arrested making their way to the Pier at Douglas less than an hour later.

Mr. W.E. Quayle, chairman of the bench, said: "In the Isle of Man we are not used to smash and grabbers, and we do not like them. We are determined to stamp this out."

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