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Top CP Schools

The Top Fifty

For an explanation of this table please read our article Corporal punishment: the Friends Reunited evidence.

And the winner is ......Rutlish School

Please remember that corporal punishment was abolished for all UK state schools in 1987 (before the above group of happy Rutlish boys were even born). Nothing here should be taken in any way to imply anything at all about these schools in the modern era.

Rank Name of school Local education authority
(after 1965)
(at the time) **
Mentions of corporal punishment on F.R.
1. Rutlish (formerly Rutlish Grammar), Merton Park Merton, London Boys grammar till 1969 then boys compr. 34
2. Catford Boys, Lewisham Inner London Boys compr. former sec. mod. 28
3. London Nautical School, Blackfriars Inner London Boys compr. 27
4. Bexleyheath Bexley, London Boys sec. mod. till 1968 then mixed sec. mod. 25
5= Gunnersbury Grammar, Brentford Hounslow, London RC VA boys compr. former grammar 24
5= Upton House, Hackney Inner London Boys compr. former sec. mod. 24
7= Archbishop Tenisons, Kennington Oval Inner London CE VA boys grammar 23
7= Glastonbury High, Morden Sutton, London Boys sec. mod. 23
9= Ravensbourne Boys (formerly Bromley County Grammar) Bromley, London Boys compr. former grammar 22
9= Stretford Boys Grammar Lancashire till 1974 then Trafford, Gtr Manchester Boys grammar 22
11= Abbotsfield, Hillingdon Hillingdon, London Boys sec. mod. 21
11= Bloomfield Secondary, Woolwich Greenwich, London Boys sec. mod.? 21
11= Kennington Boys, Brixton Inner London Boys compr. former sec. mod. 21
11= Peckham Manor, Southwark Inner London Boys compr. 21
15= Hawes Down, West Wickham Bromley, London Boys sec. mod. 20
15= Highbury Grove (formerly Highbury County Grammar), Islington Inner London Boys grammar till 1967 then boys compr. 20
15= Sharmans Cross, Solihull Solihull, West Midlands Separate boys' and girls' sec. mods. till 1974 then mixed compr. 20
19= Kentwood Boys, Penge Bromley, London Boys sec. mod.? 19
19= Whitefield, Cricklewood Barnet, London Mixed compr. 19
19= Abbeylands, Addlestone Surrey Mixed compr. 18
22= Beal Boys Grammar (Beal High School from 1976), Woodford Green Redbridge, London Boys grammar till 1976 then mixed compr. 18
22= Clapham College School for Boys, Lambeth Inner London RC boys grammar till 1977 then RC boys compr. 18
22= Dunsmore Boys, Rugby Warwickshire Boys grammar 18
22= Fairchildes High, New Addington Croydon, London Boys till 1969 then mixed compr. 18
22= Hillcroft, Tooting Inner London Boys compr. 18
22= Lyndon High, Solihull Solihull, West Midlands Separate boys' and girls' sec. mods. till 1974 then mixed compr. 18
22= Portsmouth Technical High, Hilsea Portsmouth till 1974 then Hampshire Boys tech. 18
29= Ashmead Boys, Reading Reading till 1974 then Berkshire Boys sec. mod. 17
29= Cardinal Langley, Middleton Rochdale, Gtr Manchester RC VA boys grammar 17
29= Chace Boys Enfield, London Boys compr. 17
29= Ernest Bevin, Tooting Inner London Boys compr. 17
29= Lucton Boys, Loughton Essex Boys sec. mod. 17
34= Abbotsford, Ashford, Middx Surrey Mixed sec. mod. 16
34= Alfred Sutton Boys, Reading Reading till 1974 then Berkshire Boys sec. mod. 16
34= Coopers Company School, Mile End Inner London VA boys compr. 16
34= St Marks Secondary, Fulham Inner London Mixed compr.? 16
34= Spencer Park, Wandsworth Inner London Boys compr. former sec. mod.? 16
34= William Penn, Peckham Inner London Boys sec. mod. until 1958 then boys' compr. 16
40= Abbeydale Grange, Sheffield Sheffield Mixed compr. 15
40= Belmont Harrow, London Mixed sec. mod. 15
40= Beverley Boys Kingston, London Boys sec. mod. 15
40= Rokeby Boys, Stratford Newham, London Boys compr. 15
40= St Audrey's, Hatfield Hertfordshire Mixed compr. 15
46= Bancroft's, Woodford Green, N.E. London [private school] DG CE boys (partly boarding) till 1977 then mixed independent 14
46= Belfairs High, Leigh-on-Sea Southend till 1974 then Essex Mixed sec. mod. 14
46= George Mitchell, Leyton Waltham Forest, London Mixed compr. 14
46= Haverstock, Chalk Farm Inner London Mixed compr. 14
46= Littlemoss Boys High, Droylsden Lancashire till 1974 then Tameside, Gtr Manchester Boys compr. former sec. mod. 14
46= Westcliff Boys High, Westcliff-on-Sea Southend till 1974 then Essex Boys grammar 14


** This column, subject in some cases to further research, gives a very rough impression of what sort of school this was between the 1950s and the mid-1980s. Successive local government reorganisations, boundary changes, school renamings /mergers /closures, and changes in local political control or national education policy, combined with the lack of any centrally agreed terminology covering all schools, mean that the situation in detail is often more complicated than this. None of this refers to the present day; indeed, several of these schools no longer exist.

CE = Church of England

compr. = comprehensive (i.e. non-selective intake), may be mixed or single-sex

DG = Direct Grant = mostly selective intake, some publicly-funded pupils but independent of local education authority control

grammar = selective intake, for the more academic, usually but not always single-sex (NB: some schools still called "grammar school" are no longer grammar schools, and not all grammar schools are called "grammar school")

RC = Roman Catholic

sec. mod. = secondary modern (selective intake, for the less academic), may be mixed or single-sex

tech. = technical school. For our purposes here, probably not materially different from a secondary modern school.

VA = Voluntary Aided status. These (mostly church-run) schools are largely or wholly funded by the local education authority (and therefore count as fully part of the state system), but are not directly controlled by it and not necessarily subject to all its rules. For instance, in Inner London, some VA schools continued to use corporal punishment after the ILEA abolished it in its directly-run schools in 1981. VA schools are not to be confused with voluntary controlled (VC) schools, also mostly run by one of the churches but more directly controlled by the LEA and, for our purposes here, not materially any different from ordinary mainstream state schools. For this reason, VC schools have not been separately identified in the above table.

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