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Judicial CP - August 2005

Corpun file 16411

Mmegi, Gaborone, 29 August 2005

BarMan Flogged For Threatening Fiancee

By Joel Konopo
Staff Writer

A Kopong bar manager was flogged at the Urban Customary Court on Friday for threatening to kill his fiancée with a pellet gun. Lame Bua of Bontleng received four strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks after he was convicted of attempting to shoot Rosemary Sibanda with a pellet gun.

He made the threat after a fight with Sibanda. The couple had a heated exchange after Bua spent a night away from the house.

Sibanda said in court that when she thought the fight was over, Bua went into the house and returned with a gun and threatened to shoot her.

The two tussled over the gun until Sibanda escaped and reported to the Urban police. When police arrived at Bua’s house in Bontleng, he was reportedly uncooperative.

The police forced their way into the house and retrieved the pellet gun and arrested Bua. He pleaded guilty to the charge and asked the court to be merciful.

“I am a father of an eight year old boy and I care for my wife,” said Bua. Before passing judgment, Monametsi told Bua that it is unlawful to threaten to kill especially in this era of passion killings.

“Ga o a tshwanela go tshosetsa tsala ya gago. (You are not supposed to threaten your fiancée),” he said. Bua was given a one year sentence, suspended for two years by Urban Customary Court, president Isack Monametsi. He received four strokes on his bare buttocks.

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