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Judicial CP - July 1999

Borneo Bulletin, BSB, 10 July 1999

Jail & cane for $1.00 robbers

By Ignatius Stephen

Two youths have gone to jail and sentenced to be caned for gang robbery on a foreign worker. Obviously looking for money, all they got was a single dollar from their victim's purse.

The Chief Justice Dato Sir Denys Roberts in passing sentence agreed with the court that there was a need in Brunei to protect foreign workers from any form of theft or robbery against them.

The two, Sharin bin Mohamad, 20, and Alihan bin Durahim, 19, who during a daring daylight robbery near Yayasan Shopping Complex on January 13 in the town centre approached a Bangladeshi Mohd Mohdul Hassan offering to sell a watch.

The victim replied in English that he had no money. Then he was led to the rear of the Yayasan power station where four people surrounded him. Sharin then grabbed his arm and forced him to sit on the grating and produced a "scissor-type knife" and pointed at his stomach.

Questioned by the Counsel for the Public Prosecutor Pengiran Isa bin Pengiran Aliuddin, the Bangladeshi told the Chief Justice that he was very much afraid when this happened. Then Alihan pointed the other half of the scissor at the left side of his neck threateningly.

The other two, Mahali bin Daud and Rhuziman bin Daud took hold of his trousers from behind. This terrified him further.

Alihan, the Bangladeshi said, then took his wallet out his back pocket but replaced it as it had only one dollar in it.

Apparently not pleased at finding only a dollar, Sharin slapped him across the face, making his nose bleed. Mahali and Rhuziman punched him from behind.

Sharin also snatched a necklace from the Bangladeshi.

Alihan took out his half scissor. Mahali asked him, "Where do you want to go? Do you want to tell the police? If you tell the police, I will kill you."

They then let him go and the four crossed a bridge leading to Kampong Ayer. But the Bangladeshi followed them over the bridge to Kampong Ujong Tanjong where he met a girl who identified one of the defendants as he ran past her.

He then made a police report and the four were soon arrested. The court sent Sharin to seven years imprisonment and ordered 12 strokes and Alihan five years jail and 12 strokes.

Mahali and Rhuziman who said were not involved in the gang robbery and were only present during the early part of the robbery were freed as there was doubt about their part in the crime.

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