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Judicial CP - June 2005

Corpun file 15954 (Brunei Direct), Bandar Seri Begawan, 5 June 2005

Thieving Dad Gets 12 Years' Jail, Whipping

Bt Rol Ezam & Malai FadleyRizal

Bandar Seri Begawan - A father of two and a 19-year-old man, who were brought before the Intermediate Court yesterday, received lengthy jail sentences and are to be caned after they pleaded guilty to housebreaking.

Ibrahim bin Hj Mutusman, who is a divorcee and unemployed, was sentenced to 12 years' jail and eight strokes of the cane, after he pleaded guilty to six housebreaking charges and two charges of mischief.

Meanwhile, the other defendant, Mohd Redzwan bin Roslan, who is also unemployed, was sentenced to eight years in jail and three strokes of the cane, after pleading guilty to four housebreaking charges and one charge of mischief.

The duo admitted to breaking into Netservo Services Sendirian Berhad, Cosway Sendirian Berhad, a house in Kampong Kilanas and a flat in the capital between January 21 and February 15 last year.

According to Prosecuting Officer Shamshuddin Haji Kamaluddin, they stole a multimedia projector worth $4,450, a laptop computer, two digital cameras, a slide projector worth $800, a VCD hi-fi system, a camera, a water filter, 20 cartoon VCDs, a hair dryer; perfumes, a decoder, two mobile phones, three gold rings, a VCD player and a DVD player.

Both defendants admitted to causing damage to Cosway Sendirian Berhad's wall, where the company had to spend $50 on the repairs.

Ibrahim also admitted to breaking into Ismaco Enterprise, where he stole safe containing passports, identity cards and cheques. He damaged two doors as well as locks; the repairs cost $500.

He also pleaded guilty to breaking into a flat in the capital where he stole a number of jewellery items including a necklace, two bangles, four rings and a locket.

Ibrahim committed the two break-ins on January 9, and 18 last year. Meanwhile, in a separate court session, the father of two faced other housebreaking and theft charges with two other local men - Hj Hamdillah bin Hj_Othman and Hj Aliuddin bin Hj Suanan.

The first charge stated that Ibrahim committed housebreaking at Jalan Lampaki, Mulaut on October 22 last year together with Hj Hamdillah.

The second charge was that Ibrahim stole properties from a house in Jalan Dadap, Kg Kilanas on November 15 last year together with Hj Aliuddin.

The third charge stated that Ibrahim stole properties from a building at Bangunan Hj Tahir, Jalan Gadong on December 15 last year.

Ibrahim faced a fourth charge of housebreaking by night into a house in Kg Jangsak, Jalan Gadong between December 23 and December 29 last year.

The fifth charge stated that Ibrahim stoic properties from a building at Kg Jangsak, Jalan Gadong.

The court yesterday sentenced Ibrahim to 11 years' jail and was given four strokes of the cane.

However, sentences for Ibrahim for both cases would take effect from the date he was taken into remand.

Meanwhile, Hj Hamdillah got two years' jail and three strokes of the cane, while Hj Aliuddin was sentenced to two years jail. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

Corpun file 16010

Borneo Bulletin, Bandar Seri Begawan, 15 June 2005

16 years, 15 strokes for raping 3 daughters

By Rol Ezam and Malai FadleyRizal

A 46-year-old former Royal Brunei Armed Forces Corporal was sentenced to 16 years' imprisonment and 15 strokes of the cane by the High Court yesterday after he pleaded guilty to raping his three daughters and for attempted rape.

The defendant, who has four daughters ranging from their teens to early 20s, first admitted to raping his 15-year-old daughter sometime in 1999 followed by committing the same offence on his 19-year-old and 18-year-old daughters sometime in April 2005.

The charge stated that the three offences were committed at two different flats in Jalan Dhoby, Berakas Garrison.

Meanwhile, the defendant also pleaded guilty to attempting to commit rape on one of the daughters, whom he had raped earlier, on the evening of May 24 this year inside a vehicle, in the vicinity of a link road along the Kampong Tanah Jambu highway.

According to the Deputy Public Prosecutor, the defendant was arrested on the evening when he tried to rape his daughter, which led to the additional three charges after further investigations were conducted.

The statement of facts read in the High Court stated that at about 8:15 pm on May 24, the defendant took one of his daughters out for a drive.

He stopped his car in a dark, isolated area along the link road of the Kg Tanah Jambu highway.

As he attempted to rape her, a police car on patrol stopped by and two police officers on duty from the Berakas station approached the defendant's car as they were suspicious of its presence at such a dark and isolated place.

One of the police officers walked up to the car and observed the defendant in the driver's seat while a girl was curled up on the front seat that was in a reclined position. When questioned by one of the officers, the defendant nervously stammered that he was there with his girlfriend.

But as the girl looked frightened and was crying, the police also questioned the girl and she revealed that the defendant was in fact her father and that he had been raping her and her sisters since they were six years old and that he was attempting to rape her again that evening when the police came.

During initial police investigations, the defendant confessed that he did attempt to rape his daughter in the car that evening and further admitted to raping his other daughters.

Upon further investigations, the defendant confessed in a statement to the police that he had repeatedly raped three of his daughters since they were young. He stated that he would rape them at home when his wife was not around or when this was not convenient he would take them out and rape them in his car.

The defendant further confessed that he had stopped raping one of his daughters since sometime in 1999 but had continued to rape two other daughters over the years until the night of his arrest.

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