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Judicial CP - April 2004

Corpun file 13368, 28 April 2004

Fifty Days Grace From Caning For Illegal Immigrants In Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan – Brunei has given a 50-day grace period for those who break immigration laws. They will escape the cane during that time.

But those who fall foul of the law after June 12 will face its full force that includes caning.

An official announcement over Radio Television Brunei (RTB) said last night that His Majesty Sultan of Brunei has consented to the amendments of the Immigration Act 2004 that came into effect on April 20, 2004.

It was previously proclaimed that certain immigration offenders would be given three strokes of the rattan besides jail sentences as from April.

The Immigration Order Act, Amendment Two, is a follow-up of the Immigration Order Act Amendment 2004 that was implemented in February this year.

The amendment spelt out that three strokes of the cane would be meted out for certain offences.

Among the amendments involved those who enter and stay in the country without valid Immigration Pass.

Under this section, offenders will be meted out with much stiffer penalties than before.

The sentences are from three months to two years jail besides three strokes of the cane.

For those who overstay their Immigration Permits for more than 90 days will be jailed for three months and up to two years.

They will also receive three strokes of the rattan.

Those who are found guilty of abetting immigration offenders to enter or exit the country will be sent to prison from two to seven years and also three strokes of the cane.

The amendment however, does not apply to those charged before June 12, 2004.

This means that only immigration offenders arrested and charged after June 12 will be caned.

The Department of Immigration and National Registration, meanwhile, hoped that the public would give their full support by informing and reporting to the authorities of any suspected illegal immigrants in their vicinity.

They could be foreign nationals doing sales calls from door to door in kampongs and could have overstayed their Immigration permits.

The department said the new amendment is in line with measures taken by the government to effectively implement the Immigration Act and Regulations by making amendments from time to time in ensuring the integrity, peace and security of the nation.

The government of His Majesty would take positive measures to deter illegal immigrants entering the country, the statement said.

The authorities will ensure that foreign nationals entering and staying in the country will abide by the rules and regulations under the Immigration and the Passport Act, the statement added. -- Courtesy of Radio Television Brunei

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