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Judicial CP - May 2001

Borneo Bulletin, Bandar Seri Begawan, 11 May 2001

Man jailed for running amok and threatening wife

By Liza Mohamad

A 35-year-old man, who ran amok, dragged his wife by her neck and pointed a knife measuring 0.36 m at her neck and threatened to kill her, was sentenced to 1 year and 8 months in jail and 5 strokes of the rattan.

In court yesterday, Rosli bin Hj Md Yassin faced five charges including committing mischief by damaging the left rear window of a car belonging to the Royal Brunei Police Force and possession of a knife.

He was also convicted of committing criminal intimidation by threatening to cause grievous hurt to his wife and using criminal force on her on March 18 this year at house No: 179, Simpang 185, Kampong Serasa.

He was also guilty of threatening Police Inspector Hj Khairul from carrying out his duty as a police officer.

The court heard that the accused's brother-in-law had lodged a police report at Muara police station after being informed by his niece that Rosli had run amok in the vicinity of the house.

Three police officers went to the house where Rosli threw a piece of wood at them. He missed them but the piece of wood landed on the left rear window of the police car, thus causing damage of $280.

Rosli went to his brother's house in Kg Serasa and called out to his wife, Gusni bin Moksin, aged 32.

He ordered her to come out and blamed her for everything that had happened, the court was told.

Rosli dragged his wife by her neck and pointed a knife at her neck and took her to a shop No: 170, Syarikat Hj Yakub bin Hj Jumat in Kg Serasa.

He pointed the knife at people around him and threatened to take his wife as hostage and kill her.

The police officers tried to persuade him to let go of his wife and surrender.

Somehow, his wife managed to escape and ran towards the rear of the shop.

Still carrying the knife, Rosli then challenged the police. But the police succeeded in apprehending him as Rosli ran towards the shop.

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Borneo Bulletin, Bandar Seri Begawan, 19 May 2001

Stiff penalty for traffickers

By Liza Mohamad

Two Malaysian drug importers appealed to the Court of Appeal to have their sentence of 20 years imprisonment and 15 strokes of the rattan reduced. However the application was dismissed before the grounds of appeal were put forward.

The appellants, Usang Manilani and Andili Kurhani were arrested on October 17 last year in a boat at Sungai Besar Betty, Jalan Kota Batu.

From a plastic bag in the trousers of Usang, a plastic packet containing five packets of a crystalline substance was seized explained Deputy Public Prosecutor Zuraini binte Hj Sharbarwi to the Appeal Judges.

They both made confessions and admitted that they had set off from Pulau Dahat off Labuan to come to Brunei.

In Brunei, they were to deliver the drugs to a person named "Hussin".

The Courts of Appeal before Sir William James Silke, Sir Alan Huggins and Sir Derek Cons were told that the crystalline substance contained 185.3059 grammes of Syabu.

In the High Court, they then pleaded guilty to a charge brought under Section 3A of the Misuse of Drugs Act for having in their possession for the purpose of unauthorised trafficking a Class A drug, Syabu.

The Appeal Judges were told that it was pointed out to both appellants at the time the plea was taken that the minimum sentence for an offence of this nature is 20 years imprisonment and 15 strokes. They both accepted that they were aware of that penalty.

"That being the minimum sentence the trial judge has no discretion to go below it. It was the sentence imposed on both appellants," the Appeal Judges stated.

At the time of their arrest, money was seized, the boat was seized and the drug was seized, the court was told.

"Usang had asked us today to return the money to him. At the time of sentencing, the court made the order that the watch or the jewellery was to be returned to the appellant.

"We see no reason to interfere with that order. If the watch, or the jewellery has not yet been returned to the appellant, this should be done," Judge Silke pointed out.

Therefore, the Judges dismissed the appeal.

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