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News items about corporal punishment, classified by country, type and month.

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CP Archive - 2019

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Antigua flag ANTIGUA & BARBUDA

Antigua/Schools - October 2019
Antigua's Corporal Punishment Policy Under Fire
Guidelines for use of the school strap are given; some want it abolished

Bahamas flag BAHAMAS, THE

Bahamas/Schools - March 2019
Out Of Order: Ministry Probes Teacher Filmed Beating Students (with video clip)
Six secondary boys strapped on seat by lady PE teacher

Barbados flag BARBADOS

Barbados/Schools - November 2019 New!
Lashes to 'ashes'
Govt says it intends "eventually" to abolish school CP, but citizens are still very opposed

Botswana flag BOTSWANA

Botswana/Judicial - February 2019
Lashed for insulting Voice reporter (illustrated)
33-year-old, pictured, is given five strokes of the cane at court

Botswana/Judicial - December 2019 New!
Two for the cane, one for prison
Alcohol thieves, 22 and 23, are given six strokes each

France flag FRANCE

France/Domestic - July 2019
France outlaws all child smacking
No more parental spanking, in theory

Ghana flag GHANA

Ghana/Schools - January 2019
GES bans corporal punishment in private, public schools
Government administrative ban on caning

Malaysia flag MALAYSIA

Malaysia/Schools - February 2019
Teachers' union says yes to caning, education group says no
Headmaster who turned round a failing high school by use of public CP is celebrated

Malaysia/Judicial - April 2019 New!
Miri youth gets jail, rotan for attempted outrage of modesty (illustrated)
Just one stroke of the cane for 21-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - May 2019
Indonesian man sentenced to 20 years' jail for rape of 12-year-old girl, and illegal entry (illustrated)
Offender, 30, pictured, also to receive four strokes of the rotan

Malaysia/Judicial - July 2019
E-hailing driver gets 292 months jail, whipping for armed robberies (illustrated)
Nine strokes of the rotan for robber, 30, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - September 2019
Drug addict gets 17 years, five strokes for robbery and knife attack (illustrated)
Caning for an 18-year-old, pictured

Malaysia/Judicial - November 2019 New!
Youth gets 15 years in jail, caning for attempted rape, robbery (illustrated)
Culprit, pictured, to receive four strokes of the rotan

Nigeria flag NIGERIA

Nigeria/Judicial - May 2019
Niger: Student bags 10 strokes of cane for violating motorcycle ban
He said he was ignorant of the law but the magistrate said that was no excuse

Nigeria/Judicial - July 2019
Kwara fashion designer Dauda Azeez sentenced to 12 strokes of the cane for stealing female underwear
He stole 16 pairs of used pants

Nigeria/Judicial - September 2019
Girl Gets 80 Strokes Of Cane For Smoking Marijuana In Kaduna
19-year-old female addict sentenced by Shari'a court

Peru flag PERU

Peru/Judicial - August 2019
Government-Backed Lynch Mob Whip Alleged Thief (illustrated)
Man is pictured bending over to be whipped on seat

Singapore flag SINGAPORE

Singapore/Judicial - January 2019
British ex-public schoolboy, 29, is at the centre of diplomatic row after Singapore sentences him to 'barbaric' 24 strokes of the cane on his bare buttocks over drugs offences (illustrated)
Drug trafficker Ye Ming Yuen is pictured

I was too harsh, says father of drug dealer due to be flogged (illustrated)
Another picture of former club DJ Ye Ming Yuen

British drug trafficker who faces 24 strokes of the cane must bear consequences of committing offences in S'pore: MHA (illustrated)
Ye Ming Yuen is pictured with his dog and an ice cream

Singapore/Judicial - September 2019
Teen who raped and robbed 53-year-old sex worker gets 7 years' jail and 15 strokes of the cane (illustrated)
19-year-old offender is pictured

Singapore/Schools - September 2019
Can students be caned in schools and can parents take action against educators?
Yes and no, respectively. A newspaper article explains the rules

South Africa flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa/Schools - March 2019
Corporal punishment claim rocks Paarl Boys' High School (illustrated)
Students at top elite school allegedly choose paddling with a plank instead of detention

Paarl Boys' pupils rally around teacher accused of corporal punishment
Many allegations but the school denies them all

South Africa/Schools - April 2019
Ferlon Christians calls for implementation of moderate spanking at schools
Learners need to be disciplined, says regional party leader

Punishment necessary for good behaviour
Reader calls for the restoration of proper formal caning

Tanzania flag TANZANIA

Tanzania/Schools - October 2019
Tanzanian president backs official who beat students with a stick (illustrated)
Regional commissioner is filmed caning 14 secondary boys for setting fire to their school

Toughen flogging law: Magufuli
President calls for schoolteachers to be given greater caning powers

Thailand flag THAILAND

Thailand/Military - July 2019
Air force private severely beaten for using his phone (illustrated)
21-year-old is shown with picture of his bruised buttocks


USA/Schools - February 2019
Schools weigh in on whippin's (illustrated)
CP in public schools is making a comeback; a paddle is pictured

Paddling students is still legal in a third of the country
Kentucky legislators want to ban it; statistics are quoted

USA/Schools - May 2019
Paddling of students may end for Rutherford County Schools
A district in Tennessee contemplates abolishing school CP

USA/Schools - June 2019
Corporal punishment still has advocates
And boys need it more than girls, writes columnist

USA/Schools - July 2019
Is corporal punishment actually used to discipline kids in GA schools?
Yes -- with the latest statistics from Georgia

USA/Schools - August 2019
City, county school systems still use corporal punishment
Latest paddling statistics from two districts in Alabama

Lafayette County Removes Corporal Punishment from School District
No more spanking in one area of Mississippi

USA/Schools - September 2019
[School board searches for replacement trustee]
A district in Wyoming removes CP from its policy

New State Law Leads CCSB To End Corporal Punishment
Paddling is eliminated in an Arkansas school district

USA/Schools - October 2019
[Sikeston R-6 School Board changes monthly meeting time]
A Missouri school district also decides to abandon the paddle

USA/Schools - November 2019 New!
Corporal punishment removed from disciplinary policy
No more paddling in a Tennessee district

'Get rid of the lawyers and put the paddle back'
A local police chief in Oklahoma says people want more spanking in schools

Zimbabwe flag ZIMBABWE

Zimbabwe/Judicial - April 2019
Judicial corporal punishment outlawed
Constitutional Court finally requires courts to cease ordering the caning of teen boys

Zimbabwe/Schools - June 2019
MPs insist on corporal punishment
Parliament pushes back on government proposal to ban school caning

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