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Gulf News, Dubai, 1 May 2004

18 jailed for adultery in separate cases


By Tahseen Shaghouri
Staff Reporter

Nine nationals and nine Asians will be fined, flogged and jailed for committing adultery and sexual harassment in seven separate cases that came before the Fujairah Sharia Court.

Abdullah M.A., a UAE national, and Riza L.S., Angelia R.S. and Rose B., who are all Filipinas, were found guilty of committing adultery. The women were also found guilty of working for an unofficial sponsor.

The court sentenced the national and Riza each to one year in jail and to be given 100 lashes. Riza will be deported after serving her sentence.

Angelia and Rose were each sentenced to three months in jail for facilitating acts of adultery. Rose was fined Dh500 followed by deportation for working for another sponsor.

The owner of the beauty salon, where the Filipinas were working, was also fined Dh10,000 for violating residency laws.

In a separate case, the court sentenced Safia B., a Bangladeshi, to 15 months in jail and to be lashed 120 times for committing adultery with compatriot Mohammed M.

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