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Judicial CP - May 2003

Gulf News, Dubai, 7 May 2003

Seven jailed for various offences

By Tahseen Shaghouri
in Fujairah

Seven people have been sentenced to various jail terms in separate cases. Rikha Akhtar Abdul Ghani and Mohammed Rahimuddeen, both Bangladeshis, were sentenced to 15 months and are to be lashed 95 times for committing adultery.

Rahimuddeen was also sentenced to another month and fined Dh200 for assaulting his partner.

A Sri Lankan couple, Powaya Ditakumar and Ritna Wali Kuditar, were also convicted of adultery. Ditakumar was sentenced to 11 months and is to be lashed 95 times. 

He was also given an additional month and fined Dh300 for hitting his partner. Kuditar was sentenced to 15 months and is to be lashed 95 times.

She was fined Dh300 for working for someone other than her sponsor. She was also asked to pay Dh200 fine for overstaying after her residence visa expired. Both will be deported after serving their terms.

In another case, the Fujairah Sharia Court sentenced Abulana Jidara Malini, a Sri Lankan woman, to six months for stealing a gold necklace from her sponsor's wife.

In the fourth case, H.N.A., a person who does not have documents to prove his nationality, was sentenced to four years for taking drugs and is to be lashed 80 times for drinking alcohol.

He was acquitted of possessing drugs for trade. In another case, Jihanjeer Khan, a Pakistani, was sentenced to six months for sexually assaulting a boy.

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