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Judicial CP - May 2001

Gulf News, Dubai, 2 May 2001

Defendant gets jail, lashes in rape case

By Nasouh Nazzal
In Ras Al Khaimah

A man who attacked and raped a woman was sentenced yesterday by the Sharia Court to two years in prison and 80 lashes. Abdul Rahman Hanafi, the defendant's lawyer, said he would appeal. He said he would ask the court to order a new test to compare the man's semen with that found on the woman's clothes. He said the test which had been carried out had used a sample of the man's blood.

He will ask the court to summon the laboratory technician to answer if it was possible to compare semen with blood. Police arrested the defendant on a charge of attacking the woman and raping her in her father-in-law's home. A senior court official said the incident occurred on the day the woman arrived here to visit her husband's family.

"The woman was sleeping in the room with her three children when a stranger suddenly broke in through the window. He was in his night clothes," he said. The man told the woman that if she shouted for help he would say he was her lover and that she had invited him in.

The man escaped out the same window after raping the woman. She told her husband the whole story and he called the police. The man was arrested six months later when the husband's brother noticed him loitering in a car near the house.

"The man was working in Abu Dhabi. He had a record of similar crimes and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for rape, but was released with special permission a few months later," the official said. Blood and semen tests conducted by the Dubai Forensic Laboratory proved his guilt.

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Gulf News, Dubai, 25 May 2001

Woman sentenced to jail, lashes for selling baby

By A Staff Reporter
In Ajman

A woman has been sentenced to three months in jail, 50 lashes and deportation for attempting to sell her month-old baby boy for Dh20,000 and committing adultery with two men. A court source said that the baby's father was not known since the woman had committed adultery with the two men.

Police sources said that the woman had been caught last August 17 while she was handing her baby to an undercover policeman in a sting operation. The sources said the woman and a go-between were arrested as they completed the deal in a car. They were also forced to return the money.

The go-between was promised Dh5,000 by the mother for arranging the deal. The woman told police that the baby was the result of an illicit relationship and she was forced to sell it because she could not afford to raise it.

"The woman who played the go-between was also sentenced to three months in jail for encouraging the mother to sell her child," the sources said.

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