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Some schools beginning with the letter A

These 'school memories' are taken from various sources on and off the web. They have all been published somewhere in one form or another.** It must be borne in mind that anecdotal evidence does not constitute empirical proof. The intention is only to give a broad, impressionistic account of some past experiences.

** To avoid clutter, sources have not been cited here, but are available to bona fide serious researchers on request.

The main criteria for inclusion here are that both the school and the informant must be identified by name, and an approximate date (at least to within five years) must be specified.

Please remember that this is all now "ancient history". Corporal punishment was abolished for all UK state schools (which the majority of these are) in 1987. Nothing here should be taken in any way to imply anything at all about these schools in the modern era.

The entries are given by alphabetical order of school name, irrespective of date or region. Within each school they are in date order. This first batch is of a selection of schools beginning with the letter A. More pages will be added as research continues.

Errors of grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax have generally been left intact, and corrected only where the meaning might otherwise be obscure. Some obvious typos have been corrected.

Copyright in these texts rests with the original copyright holders. They are quoted here as short illustrative extracts under the "fair use" doctrine (US Copyright Act section 107 and equivalent provisions in other jurisdictions) for non-profit educational and research purposes only. They may not be reproduced for any commercial purpose.


Abbeydale Grange School, Sheffield
Abbeylands School (formerly St Pauls), Addlestone, Surrey
Abbotsfield School, Hillingdon, Middlesex
Abbotsford County Secondary School, Ashford, Middlesex (later Ashford High School)
Ysgol Aberconwy, Conwy, Gwynedd
Aberdare Boys' Comprehensive School (formerly Aberdare Boys' Grammar), Aberdare, Glamorgan
Abersychan Grammar/Technical School, Abersychan, Monmouth
Afon Taf High School, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorgan
Albury Manor School, Merstham, Surrey
Aldercar School, Langley Mill, Nottingham
Alec Hunter High School, Braintree, Essex
Alfred Sutton Boys' School, Reading, Berkshire
All Saints Choir School, London W1
All Saints RC High School (formerly St Peters & Paul), Dukinfield, Cheshire
Ambleside County Secondary School, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Amery Hill School, Alton, Hampshire
Andover Secondary Modern School, Andover, Hampshire
Anfield Comprehensive School, Liverpool
Appleton School, Benfleet, Essex
Archbishop Ilsey RC School, Acocks Green, Birmingham
Archbishop Temple's School, Lambeth, London SE1
Archbishop Tenison's School, Kennington, London SE11
Ysgol Ardudwy, Harlech, Merioneth
Arnold School, Blackpool, Lancashire
Arundel House School, Surbiton, Surrey
Ashburton County School, Custom House, London E16
Ashdown House School, Forest Row, East Sussex
Ashley County Secondary School, New Milton, Hampshire
Ashmead School for Boys, Reading, Berkshire
Atholl School, Pinner, Middlesex
Auriol County Junior School, Epsom, Surrey
Aveley Comprehensive School, South Ockendon, Essex
Aveley County Technical College, Grays, Essex

ABBEYDALE GRANGE SCHOOL, Sheffield, S.Yorkshire -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
Merger (early 1970s?) incorporating Grange Grammar School (girls), Abbeydale Boys Grammar (earlier known as Nether Edge Grammar School) and Abbeydale Secondary Modern (mixed).
LEA: CB Sheffield until 1974, then MB Sheffield
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (girls and boys); Gymshoe/slipper on clothed buttocks, bending over, with run-up (boys)

Abbeydale Grange School

Vin Cooper -- What about his nice warm up game for a cold monday morning! The slipper Game! All the class ran round the gym then Vin would shout 5 and you had to get into groups of 5, usually there would be a class number that was not divisble by 5 ie 29. Subsequently 4 little boys would feel the size 11 (to warm them up) as Vin put it. (Michael J., 1956-62)

Mr Wilson -- He was the gym (PE) teacher. I hated PE and made no secret of it. Consequently, (and because I was a bit mischievous), I was often his target of choice. He made his presence felt with a gymshoe which he used to whack your backside. He practiced on me frequently, often getting me to bend over before I had done anything wrong - just in case. Great memories, and no hard feelings. I suppose I deserved it (at least most of the time).
Mr Spooner -- I thought he was someone to be feared. He was deputy-head, and I was often sent to him to receive some whacks of the cane; he wielded it without any conscience at all. However, when I moved into his class in the fourth form, I found that he was also an excellent teacher and actually quite likeable. My year in his class turned out to be the most enjoyable that I had spent at the school. (John B., 1957-61)

Slipper -- Does Chris D. remember when me and him received 8 and 6 of the slipper respectively off a teacher whose name slips my mind (taught Scripture and was very soft until that moment!) for transgressing in a house football match. chris was a bit 'handy' and he had his first and tears flowed ..... I saw this and was petrified ........ it hurt more than I imagined .... I never lipped that guy aggain! (Peter M., 1964-69)

A head teacher in a million with one hell of a slipper arm: Mr Vince Cooper in 1968 Mr Vince Cooper in 1968

Vince Cooper -- Didn't he keep an oiled slipper. Used to use it at the beginning of each lesson on the boy with the dirtiest plimsolls. Boy were my shoes WHITE! (Michael C., 1967-74)

Mr Cooper (Vince) -- Stories of Vince seem to abound. I remember many times bunking off for the lunch break with Simon K., Trevor F. & Dave D. who lived just across Carter Knowle Road from the "Green Gate". Our main worry was always returning to find Vince there gently wafting a slipper in his hand saying "Hello Gentlemen I think we'd better have a word in my office!" [....] Terrific teacher and character, respect doesn't even begin to sum it up. All I remember is that deep down all the kids loved him. They just don't make them like him anymore. (Leon R., 1970-77)

Smoking in the Woods -- Remember smoking in the woods between Upper and Lower school. Getting caught by Mr Bates, Hague and Wilkinson. Followed by a whack on the backside from a plimsoll with the top removed. All the better to beat you with! (Graham B., 1971-76)

Teachers, love em or loathe em! -- Vincent Cooper ... Respect in the utmost. One of the best teachers and heads of school. Was a master at the forgotten rule of teaching...he SHOWED respect for you ! Where are you now?
Mr Jepson, Jeppo!, Top teacher and deputy head, But God, you could be a Sod at times .. but it was always at the right time . .lets face it we deserved it sometimes (you were no good at the Slipper though )!! (Clifford B., 1971-77)

Ran the length of the room with his slipper: tough but fair, Mr N.J. 'Jeppo' Jepson Mr N.J. Jepson in 1968

Mr Jepson -- Tough b*****d, but fair. A twelve-year-old's worst nightmare - "Jeppo" wielding a slipper! (Michael B., 1971-78)

miss williams -- lower school head ....who loved giving out the cane ......I only had the pleasure once ...she'd stand there with a bit of brown paper wrapped around the end of it so she dident hurt her fingers. we called her frog eyes! (Linda B., 1976-81)

Mr Cooper -- What a man!!!! A Headteacher in a million, What you saw is what you got. A man who just know where and when to look for trouble and to deal with it there and then with no fuzz. A lot of these so call Headteachers today could do with going back to school Mr Cooper style.
THE SLIPPER -- Remember having to walk up to the pavillion in the snow and not wanting to do PE, thought that I would tell the teacher that I forgotten my kit. BIG MISTAKE!!!! The teacher in question was Howard Wilkinson. Told us that those who haven't got their kit to go into the store room, about 3 or 4 of us went in. Waited in their, then Howard came in the room and went into a cubboard and pulled out just soul off a slipper which was nice and smooth from a lot of use. Told us to bend other, then with a mighty run up give us the slipper. I never forgot my kit again. (Martin S., 1976-81)

Jeppo -- Wow! was I bad. Sparked a fag up with Mark W. right in front of the lower school staffroom, stupid or what! Jeppo got us in his room, one boy at a time, up on the chair with his slipper, jumping off to run the length of the room, and gave us an 80%er. Those of you who have had the same treatment will remember this in vivid detail. I am glad this was around February time, my bum smarted for ages. (John W., 1977-84)

Mr Cooper -- He was a top man even though I was a visitor to his office too many times. He really cared about the school and the pupils but had one hell of a slipper arm. The sole he used must have been polished ouch. But all the respect in the world for him. (Mark N., c.1986)

ABBEYLANDS SCHOOL, Addlestone, Surrey -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
Merger (1970s?) incorporating St Pauls C of E Secondary, Addlestone, and St Pauls School, Addlestone.
LEA: Surrey CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on clothed buttocks (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on clothed buttocks (boys)

Talk about corporal punishment -- This Head liked nothing better than handing out a good thrashing. But it worked -- no bad behavour in our class. Today's pupils got no idea. (Albert T., 195?-60)

Mr Mclean -- Thanks: Mr Mclean or Mac as also his son was known as: Maybe my first real introduction to him was on reference from a prefect that caught me doing something I should'nt. His first words were well do you want 6 of the best from me or Loveday. Well as I'd already tasted the Loveday method thought I may as well give him a try, strange as it was from that day we hit it off, he seemed to know that metalwork was going to be my thing. ..... I now thank him for the deep interest he gave me in the art and craft of metalwork, and proud to have had such a good teacher!!! thanks Mac. (Denis C., 1958-63)

Mc McLean -- Does anybody remember the one arm metal work teacher? And his cane Jenny, which we frequently got. He was captain of the school army cadets.
Mr Williams -- Does anybody remember this welsh PE teacher who was rather good at hitting you across the backside with his plimsoll. (Alan H., 19??-63)

Mr Loveday -- In the good old days(?) remember how from time to time Frank would stand outside his office swishing his cane. Also like a scene from Clockwise the glorious daily entry into assembly. The steel heeled shoes on the hard floor gradually getting louder, the dramatic swish of the gown as the doors were swung shut behind him by the pupils on door duty and then the thunderous stomp along the raised hall corridor with the void below. (Ray W., 1960-65)

Butts -- Me and Bill W. watching Steve B. get the cane for wearing jeans haha. Hi Steve Hows it going? Hows ur arse?? (David L., 196?-70)

What happened to Sid Lonegan, Dan 'the Cane Man' Archer, and Taff the PE man? (Stephen 'Steve' B., 1966-70)

Great teachers of the old school: Mr Archer and Mr Adams Mr Dan Archer (left) and Mr Paddy Adams (right) (without their canes) in 1982.

Mr Dan Archer -- I am amazed that he was still around in 1985 because I thought he was pretty ancient when I left! I have everlasting memories of him patroling the school at lunchtimes carrying his cane and keeping a watchful eye on everything. (Joanna 'Jo' C., 196?-71)

I loved Miss Lee and yes I believe she did marry 'Crusty' who despite his use of the cane was a real gentleman. ... (Alison D., 19??-74)

Remember a PE teacher, Mr. Allcock. Had a spare plimsole (he was a pre-trainers person), he used to threaten everyone with. Particularly if you'd forgotten your kit. He had a name for it. (Fred or George or something). Dont remember him ever using it. Close a few times though!! (John S., 1972-76)

Walking the corridors -- Remember Mr Archer walking the corridors tapping his cane in the mornings making sure everyone was where they should be? (Julia C., 197?-76)

Mr Archer -- I took six off of his cane. I was a brat at school. I think I've grown up a bit since then but not so much that my kids' friends don't think I'm mad. He was a great teacher, one of the old school and sorely (no pun intended) missed today. (Robert P., 197?-77)

Mr Archer -- I recall one of the scariest days of my life was being held back after assembly and being confronted by Mr Archer and the Maths teacher Mrs Lewis?. A hand drawn picture of an oriental chap with buck teeth, sitting in the lotus position, masturbating the largest ***** was left (planted by Neville D.) in my desk after the lesson.
I pleaded my innocence and pointed out that I was crap at art and could never have completed such a masterpiece ... I don't know if "Mad Miller" the art teacher was called in for a second opinion but I was let off with a caution, not the feared lash of the cane from the ex paratrooper Archer. (Graham R., 1973-77)

Doughton and M. -- Anyone remember Doughton breaking a cane over Colin M's backside? macca didnt even flinch but doughton went a deeper red than normal. (Tony H., 1972-77)

Mr Doughton (Light bulb) gave me the cane for something I didn't do. Thanks.
Mr Archer and his metal tipped cane. (Derek G., 1975-79)

Mr Archer and Paddy Adams -- Do you remember how they used to prowl the corridors during breaks or when we were going to class with their canes in their hands ready to quell trouble. Funny thing was I never remember any trouble at all. (Richard M., 1978-82)

Walking the corridors -- Oh yes and I remember him using it. (Daren P., 1978-84)

ABBOTSFIELD SCHOOL, Hillingdon, Middlesex -- state boys secondary modern (later became boys comprehensive)
LEA: Middlesex CC until 1965 then LB Hillingdon
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified; Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified; Wooden paddle (and similar implements), target unspecified; Hand spanking on bare buttocks; Ruler on knuckles

Mr Bright -- Does anyone remember Mr Bright. He had a deservedly fearsome reputation as an applier of the "slipper".
I spent a most miserable summer holiday, was it 1954? All this in anticipation of Mr Bright as my form master for the next year. In the event he turned out to be the best form master and teacher I ever had. If he is still alive and I hope he is, then thank you. (Martyn H., 195?-56)

Mr Woodward - Geography, known to us all then (especially Jack L.) as "Little Hitler". His favourite punisher was the sole of a slipper. (Bryan C., 1953-58)

Various -- Different teachers had different methods of punishing "naughty" boys.
Mr Treays (Woodwork) would try and lift you off the ground by your side-boards.
Ken Maddern (Metalwork) Kept a long piece of bright mild steel in the store room to administer punishment.
Mr Vaughan (PE) whacked you with the leather bound end of the gym rope!
Josh Collacott (Technical Drawing) Used a large piece of 4 by 2 wood.
Mr Hoyle whose nickname I am not prepared to write in full (B*m*er) allegedly used to put the 1st and 2nd year boys over his knee and smack their bottoms with his hand.
Jack Evans the Headmaster had a fine selection of canes and boy did they hurt!
Oh happy days! In all honesty I believe that it didn't do any of us any harm (except perhaps the afformentioned 1st and 2nd Year boys (allegedly).
I certainly think that it helped to develop my character.
Don Wood -- Top bloke, despite the fact that he had a sawn-off cricket bat and a size 16 plimsoll to whack you. (John H., 1958-63)

Top bloke, with a size 16 plimsoll: Mr Don Wood in 1962 Mr Don Wood in 1962

Good old days -- I remember the good old days when Jack Evans (Headmaster) gave us 6 of the best regular for smoking round the bike shed.
Mr.Thomas he prefered the slipper.
The lovely Mrs. Coles (Music Teacher) liked to shut children in stockroom. (Chris C., 19??-65)

Josh Collacot -- Josh tried to teach us technical drawing, without much success in my case (I still can't remember the difference between 1st and 3rd angle projection)
I remember the standard punishment for dropping a T square on the floor (because it damaged them) was the question "Wack or stop in, boy". With the almost invariable reply of "Wack, sir" the unfortunate boy was given a fair wack with........a T square! Apparently that didn't damage them.
One lad did once answer "Stop in", but was promptly told "No stop in tonight, only wack", when he was given the wack he knew he would get anyway. (Verdun L., 1961-67)

Jack Evans -- Because he always wore a tweed suit (never casual) and because of his Welsh roots, headmaster Jack Evans was known throughout the early to mid sixties as "JACK THE SACK". Nice enough bloke though. (When he wasn't physically abusing me with his long stick).
David Wrigley -- Nice bloke he was, except when he was rapping your knuckles with the edge of his ruler. He's still living in Ruislip if anyone's interested. I met him in March 2001 and he doesn't look much different. Had a ruler sticking out of his blazer pocket! (Peter G., 1962-67)

"Josh" Collacott -- The trusty length of 2"x4" in his drawer to give us the wack! (David C., 19??-70)

Mr Wriggley -- I remember Oscar - not quite 4 by 2 but something quite similar! We got fed up with being beaten all the time and broke his weapon in the stockroom door! Result? Oscar 1 and Oscar 2! (Andy W., 1965-72)

Mr Harris -- PE teacher too wet to go outside gym in use, let's find an empty room, right it's quiz time ask someone a question, anything you like can't answer it's the slipper for you, god help you if you had a lot of enemies in class how many whacks can 1 boy take! (Bryan O., 1967-72)

Mr Wrigley (English) -- Anyone remember the name of stick he used to whack us with. I think it was called 'OSCAR'.
Or Josh Collacots offer of 'Stay in or whack'. They don't know there born these days. What fun it all was !! (Chris P., 1967-72)

mr.tottman -- we had tottman for history and whatever the period always somehow got onto prostitution etc. he used to take you into the stock cupboard to give you the slipper. (Steve B., 1973-78)

Mr Howarth -- I remember 'the slipper' and 'the book', though fortunately not through practical experience. I do, however, recall another delight. During the long hot summer of 1976 during an RE class, two pupils (could have been Peter C. and Mark H. - apologies if I'm wrong) were talking, which incurred Mr Howarth's wrath. He made them take their shoes and socks off, and stick the socks in their mouths for the rest of the lesson... (Anthony L., c.1975-81)

mr wright -- the only teacher i had any respect for, god knows how many times he slipperd me, but when it came down to it, he was a good guy,,,,cheers sir. (Simon R., 1977-81)

Mr Clapton -- I can remember once being caught shaking the mats at the end of the English block causing a huge dust cloud by Clapton, being told I had to report to him in the 6th form block after 4.10pm for my punishment, he then gave me the choice of the Slipper, the ruler or his bare hand on my bare backside Ahhhhh I nearly died, needless to say I took the ruler accross my Knuckles. [....] (Philip S., 19??-82)

bob bates -- P.E teacher, i remember when Alan A. called him master bates when we lined up for p.e, he got a massive slippering if i remember correctly. (Mark C., 1978-84)

I still think that these were some of the best times, even though i did'nt think so the time!!!!!!!!
Some of the things we used to get up to were unbelievable, i think that F. and myself were in & out of Wrighty's office more than in classes.
The "Alcove" at break times for a quick fag, one of us always took turns as look-out, Teachers would catch you only by sneaking through the Technical Block, although it was a case of a quick Slipper & bollocking and on your way. (Jon P., 1979-84)

ABBOTSFORD COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL, Ashford, Middlesex -- state mixed secondary modern, but operated as separate boys and girls sections until 1976.
Name change c.1950 from Stanwell Road School. Renamed in ?1980s (possibly on comprehensivisation) Ashford High School and more recently Ash Technology College.
LEA: Surrey CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on hands, sometimes in public (boys and girls); Slipper on hands (boys)

Asian Flue -- I spent only two years at Abbotsford, Stanwell Road as it was nown to us, gavin Thow was the PE teacher and used a slipper instead of a cane, I prefered the cane any day, one dose of the slipper was enough. [....] In 1957 winter there was an outbreak of ASIAN flue, I caught it and went back to school too soon and caught it again, I have never been so ill since that flue, [....] Mr prim. caned boys in sixes only. (Ian M., 1956-58)

Mr. Primorolo -- Who was in 4c, in what must have been late 1962, Mr. Devilliers our form master was delayed by some considerable time, well all 30 odd boys in the class were getting bored when someone threw a piece of chalk at someone else and before long every boy in the class was throwing chalk at each other, This was creating a bit of noise when Mr. Primorolo entered the room "YOU boy And you boy he said as he pointed to me and Stephen B., come into my room he ordered, we followed him and was promptly caned! "I know every boy was throwing chalk, but you two were the ones I happen to catch" he said, Abbotsford justice 1962 style!
Mr. Batley -- Who remembers Mr. Batley the science master, who tried to tell us "The Facts Of Life" (Sex education to todays kids). He made you think he was One Of the Lads, thats what I thought until Richard A. and myself was caned by him for pulling his leg!
Mr. Darby -- This was the teacher with the knickname vulture because of the way he stood erect and stared at every boy who passed him in the line going into and out of assembly, Reputed to be the hardest caner in the school, luckily I never put him to the test, he frightened the life out of me though. (Christopher W., 1959-63)

Ibberson (headmaster) -- Nicknamed Froggy. I can remenmber waiting in line to go into class when down the corridor coming round the corner was Froggy, he would raise his two hands, clap twice and shout HALT!! I can remember mimicking this and bringing the whole school to silence ..... I can vouch from personal experiance that he did leap when he cained you, hence the nickname Froggy... Rated Zero out of 10. (John P., 1959-64)

Froggy -- Do you remember how he got his nickname, He use to jump in the air when he canned pupils. I believe his dead now. (Malcolm G., 1961-67)

Mr Langley -- Woodwork teacher, rumour had it in those days that his cane had a fibre glass core, and he always grinned at boys that were shorter than himself.
Mr Dolly (english) -- My first encounter with punishment, slipper on the hand. Can't print what I thought at the time. (Peter R., 1963-67)

Not being the best class in the school -- I think that class 4c was the worst class in the history of Abbotsford. We had a great time, but the teachers never. [....] The last year was spent outside and in Miss Wills office, with hands stinging when leaving her office, still that never stopped us. [....] Ah what great days, I loved being there, never learned much, but that never stopped me getting on in life, and boy do I live life to the full. (Heather T., c.1964)

Mrs. Fagence -- Headmistress, tall, boston haircut and very strict. Handy with the cane, had an 'enter / wait' sign outside her door. We were kept apart from the boys by 12' high mesh fences and there were white lines 2 feet from the edge of the playground, if you crossed the line you were too close to the boys and were sent to 'Faggy' and usually got detention. [....] (Susan B., 1966-70)

mr hartman -- good teacher; fair but firm his tennis shoe was second in command, he said i would not amount to much he was bloody right ... if you read this mr hartman thanks for your help my kids learn through you, i tried to find out what happened to mr hartman, and found out he lives in america and was a stuntman, funny how things turn out; THANKYOU MR HARTMAN. (Dennis W., 1968-72)

mr ibbotson {froggy} -- any one remember getting caned. he always used to miss the first down stroke in case you moved your hand. hurt a lot if he got you on the up stroke, catching the knuckles. (Peter C., 1969-74)

Mr Huggins -- Physics teacher, slick backed hair... Someone mentioned him teaching them how to make brylcreem. He did that every time he ran out!!! It would keep him going for months. When he gave the cane.... He took a run up!!
Mr Ibbotson -- As mentioned by a few people he did leap when he gave the cane but I could have sworn that the nickname Froggy came from the way his adams apple moved up and down when he spoke. He took pity on me once and didn't cane me. I remember finding a loose tap in the toilets. You know how it is, something like that has to be explored!!! Just how many times can you turn it before it comes off??? Needless to say I found out and then got soaked trying to put it back on. Drenched to the skin I, bravely, dropped the tap and did a runner.
As I was squelching my way down the corridor it suddenly dawned on me that it would not be too difficult for them to figure out who was responsible, so I decided to come clean (in more ways than one) and knocked on Froggies door. His first reaction was to get out the cane but, fortunately, after he took a second look at the, excellent impersonation of a, drowned rat stood in front of him. He let me off with a warning. (Nick C., 1969-74)

Mr Preston -- Does anyone remember his public caning of the 4/5th year's for letting off fireworks. He lined them up like an ID parade on the stage and caned them in front of the 1st/2nd years. (Andrew 'Andy' H., c.1974-77)

Mr Elemen -- He was Head of something. Used to wear silver suit. A bit of a John Inman look. Used to glide around the school a bit aloof. Only man to ever cane me. Mind you I did try to throw a boy out of a train so suppose I deserved it. (Wayne A., 1976-80)

YSGOL ABERCONWY, Conwy, Wales -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
LEA: Caernarfonshire until 1974, then Gwynedd (now Conwy)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys)

Mr Barnes -- Famous for caning, jumped of chair once to cane. (John A.J., 1964-69)


"Killer" Jones -- We all went to Switzerland on holiday with the school, Jimmy Y. thought it would be great to lock us out 8 floors up on a balcony during a thunder storm. So we climbed next door across the balcony. "Killer" saw us and we got a good hiding off him for our efforts - Never forgot that, but was a good holiday anyway. What ever happened to the good old days we used to have?? (David W., 1982-87)


ABERDARE BOYS COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL, Aberdare, Wales -- state boys secondary comprehensive
Formerly Aberdare Boys Grammar School.
LEA: Glamorgan until 1974 then Mid-Glamorgan (now Rhondda Cynon Taff)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on clothed buttocks; Slipper/gymshoe/boot on clothed buttocks

Aberdare Boys' School

memories -- Terry Smith beating the living daylights out of people with a size 13 gym dap - it used to really hurt when you were in your gym kit. Six of the 'best' from Conch. (Chris H., 1967-74)

Corporal punishment -- I can remember the entire class being caned across the backside by Terry Smith for running out of the Chemistry Lab after a student teacher kept us in late at lunchtime. He used a walking stick and really put some effort into it. Can you imagine what headlines that would cause today! [....] (Paul L., 19??-75)

Lining up outside Bob Harris' classroom with the whole of the 'T' form to be beaten with a sawn off wellie. (Rob D., 1974-79)

Mr Manning -- Taught art and corporal punishment. God, he wielded that oversize dap like a pro! Was it me or did he take a run up for maximum effect? Knew his art though. (Dene W., 1977-82)

Terry Smith (TJ) -- One of the best teachers I ever had ... a top bloke who gave his all, whether teaching biology, or swinging that dap!! I remember him vividly to this day. (Christopher D., 19??-84)

TJ -- My best memory is TJ giving me the dap and Paul B. laughing at me from the office window. Funny how strange things stick in your mind! (Shane J., c.1985)

ABERSYCHAN GRAMMAR/TECHNICAL SCHOOL, Monmouthshire, Wales -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
Renamed c.1980 Abersychan Comprehensive School.
LEA: Monmouthshire until 1974 then Gwent (now Monmouthshire)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on buttocks (boys)

Memories -- My Father taught latin at Abersychan Grammar School his name was John L.R. My mother also was at school there and myself later. The headmaster in my time had a surname of James. On any day one could hear the cane being used on some unfortunate. Padfield came later and I did return to 6th form for a term when he was there. I am in Australia and aged 73. [....] (John R., 19??-45)

Terry Cobner -- Yes....The Terry Cobner, and when he gave you the dap you knew it !! (yes kids.... our teachers used to beat us !!!) (Paul R., 1969-73)

CHRISTMAS TIME -- [....] I wonder if Monkey R's BUM is still stinging from Terry Cobners DAP!..mine is. (John W., 1969-74)

AFON TAF HIGH SCHOOL, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
LEA: Glamorgan until 1974 then Mid-Glamorgan (now Merthyr Tydfil)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on hands (boys); Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified (boys)

ken deaf -- the most frightening thing i can remeber was being caught by the bunkie and returning to ken deafs office where he greeted me with a smile a twist on his moustache and then going to his cupboard and getting the biggest cane ive seen and then politely asking which hand did i want to hurt the most, he then hit me on the other one! (Leonard D., c.1978)

yolk and love -- getting 'the stick' (ahh, you've got to love those prevailing victorian values) for 'egging' someone on their birthday.. was an ostrich egg. (Bob R., c.1984-89)

Most and least favourite teachers! -- Bill Eynon and "The dap" (Ralph H., 1967-73)

ALBURY MANOR SCHOOL, Merstham, Redhill, Surrey -- state mixed ??secondary modern (?possibly comprehensive or more likely went comprehensive after a certain date).
Seems to have closed in the 1980s.
LEA: Surrey CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys); Cane on hands (girls); Ballet shoe on buttocks (girls); Slipper/gymshoe on buttocks (boys)

Albury Manor School

Mr Greg -- Woodwork teacher also dealt out canings when Mr Gibson was absent. (Peter L., 1953-56)

taff jones -- i remember taff giving me the cane for ducking out of the science lesson which i hated i was found in the caretakers garden great escape huh? 4 strokes on each hand i didnt do that again!! i remember standing in front of julie S. (who i secretly liked) trying to make out it didnt hurt. (Sheila W., c.1970)

Miss Jarman -- What about the ballet shoe that she kept in her office, and threatened to smack us with, and the freezing cold snow that she made us run in, barefoot. (Jane O., 19??-75)

Miss Jarmen -- Yes, remember her well. Think I still have the imprint of her ballet slipper on my backside! (Sue H., 1974-76)

Miss Jarman -- Just to second all voiced opinions on the board - "one scarey broad"! No wonder I have grown up hating exercise....... Think I got a whack from her once which may come as a surprise to a few people! In the days when I was trying to get in with the out crowd. That never did really work. If you could just see me now....... :-) (Francesca B., 197?-76)

Getting the slipper -- getting slippered (for the first and last time) by Arnold for smoking in the school and just 2 weeks before leaving school. Doh!! (Nigel S., 19??-81)

Mr Arnold -- What ever happened to this man I can still remember his training shoe on my backside, (at least once a week for smoking). What a great man, kids today could do with a teacher like this. (Mark G., 19??-83)

ALDERCAR SCHOOL, Langley Mill, Nottingham -- mixed secondary modern
LEA: Derbyshire CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (girls and boys); Slipper/gymshoe on clothed buttocks, bending over (girls and boys)

Miss German teacher -- She was small and with German accent and plodded on despite the discrimination that was still rampant two decades after the war. One day someone drew a swastica on the blackboard so the whole class was dutifully lined up for the cane. It seemed very unfair at the time - but it worked! Anyone else have more details? (or admit to drawing the swastica?) (Melvyn G., 19??-63)

Tom millington -- Anyone remember "Old Tom" The art teacher, one of the best the school ever had. He kept tight discipline with his size eleven slipper, but he was the salt of the earth. He grew his own tobacco, and you could tell if he had walked down in front of you, but his own made wine was something to die for. It was a sad day when he was killed. (John F., 19??-63)

Tom Millington's slipper -- Having been the recipient on a few occasions, I well remember the infamous slipper. If he caught you misbehaving, Tom would make you stand in the corner for the remainder of the lesson, touching your toes. At the end of the lesson you received a whack for each time your knees buckled during your time in the corner. He would have been sent to prison these days but back then he was held in high esteem and was, for some reason, popular! I must admit I always liked him during my time at Aldercar. (Ken H., 1960-64)

Tom Milligans famious Slipper -- It was a size 11 as I remember and I only "had the pleasure" once. I was in a class in the craft room next door and sombody threw somone into a tray full of soft clay on the floor making an awful mess. Tom barged in and in the absense of the culprit owning up decided the only way to ensure justice was to "slipper the lot of you". (Wesley L., 1960-64)

Tom Millington's slipper -- Does anyone remember Tom Millington (the Art & Craft Teacher) and his famous slipper - size 13? Do any of your bottoms remember receiving the famous slipper? Also from the same department the bubbling glue pot! Does anyone remember that awful smell? If it were today the whole class would be high on glue sniffing .... memories!! (Carole F., 1962-67)

ALEC HUNTER HIGH SCHOOL, Braintree, Essex-- state mixed secondary comprehensive
LEA: Essex CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on clothed buttocks (boys)

K. -- mr brookman coughing and spluttering when he caned lawrence's arse. all that dust that came out of poor old law's de-mob suit, anyone who laughed got the same treatment.
donald ian bury -- he never liked me wearing brown shoes, i must have been ahead of my time, oh and he did tan my butt a few times, happy days eh? (Steve E., 196?-68)

ALFRED SUTTON BOYS SCHOOL, Reading, Berkshire -- state boys secondary modern
Closed 1980s.
LEA: CB Reading until 1974 then Berkshire CC (now Reading)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on buttocks; Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified, sometimes with run-up

"Jacko" Jackson and others.. -- Jacko was feared by everyone. At the morning assembly he would walk up onto the podium and there would be an instant hush. He caught me chewing gum in morning assembly and delivered the usual punishment in his office with a cane. I though he was a sadistic swine, but he was certainly an effective disciplinarian. (Chris L., 19??-61)

Teachers -- Rember Frank Lacey who took English always used a slipper for any misbehaviour. [....] (Richard B., 1956-62)

School overview. -- During my time 1958 to 1963 the school was run on a Good guy (Cornell the head) and Bad guy (Jackson deputy head and a viscious disciplinarian) basis.
I remember pupils being yanked out of assembly for talking and being told to wait outside his office, which could be seen into from the 'Bottom' playground, to await their strokes of the cane.
His whole attitude was to rule by fear, fortunately this seemed to work and I think no-one was any worse off. But put him into todays environment and he would be put 'In court' constantly by today's dogooders!! But I bet no-one 'Turned bad' later in life. Anyone care to comment?? [....] (John E., 1958-63)

Jacko etc -- I`ve enjoyed reading all the comments on the teachers and agree with them all. [....]
I was caned by Jacko for rioting in an "art lesson" when Hughes was painting scenery. (Stephen W., 1959-64)

Luke Lickfold -- I remember poor old Lickfold well. He used to smoke Capstan full strength while on playground duty or at any time he thought no one was looking. He come to Sutton from a Gramma school and one of his favourit sayings was "Boys go to Gramma schools and kids go to others" and if you realy upset him you were refered to as a "guttersnipe" followed by a good slippering. He was also well known for slippering the whole class if the offense of one idividual warrented it. He was an excellent musition and on speach day in the Town Hall he would realy let himself go on the Father Willis organ. Sadly he passed on in 1966 after a short illness, Jeff Hughes the senior art master and I and another two boys attended his funeral at the Reading Crematorium.
As one who was good at taking off teachers I decided that as Lickfold always required the class to line up in the corridoor before swithching on the light and then say "lead in". I decided to give it a try. I switched on the light and said "lead in". The class went in, I stayed in the corridoor. Along came Lickfold - "where is the class boy"?, "gone in sir". He then ordered the class outside and then proceeded to slipper the whole class stating three each and an extra one for dancing.
At the back of the form room was a door that lead out to the Labs and one could walk round and re join the slippering que which we did untill we had all been round twice and was now being asked "have I not seen you before boy".
One thing with Lickfold was that he was always willing to change a detention to a slippering that way you could go home at normal time - Happy days! (Phil E., 1962-67)

Leach -- Remember having a cane that was curved. He used to stroke his chin whilst speaking the mantra conjugate this verb boy (Chris H., 1963-68)

Mr Cornell & Mr Jackson -- These guys ruled all through my secondary schooling. Both could use the cane but Jacko was awesome. the swish that his cane made before contact could be heard 50yds away. Mr Cornell was quite fair in his judgments and helped me a lot towards the end of my time at the school.
Mr Taylor -- MR Taylor was the science master, he used to walk around the class all the time and was paranoid about the bunson burners being left on. I think he must have had some bad experiences. His prefered weapon was the slipper. (Bernard T., 1964-69)

Jacko etc -- I do remember Jacko with affection, mainly because he taught me rowing and I never ended up at the wrong end of his cane! Sadly he died some years ago in the States. (Mark V., 1964-70)

JACKSON -- He had a hairy nose, do remember the way he walked... long measured strides and the stare!! kept you waiting for ages outside his office, until he got around to the "administration" ..bamboo on arse.
Once three school boys bunked off the last afternoon before the summer (1970?) holiday; Evelyn Daniels, Phil Kemp & Rog King ... Jackson did a roll call in the afternoon.... waited six weeks then got us all upon our return, I really think that he enjoyed it. Funny, despite all the wacks I've never done the S&M thing.
Various -- Doc Watson.. weapon? the running shoe; however, underneath the apparantly hard exterior he was a warm and genuine bloke. [....] (Roger K., 1967-71)

Hit with a T-Square -- Anyone rememer the name of the name of the TD teacher who used to use a T-Square instead of a cane or slipper
I remember Chopper Harris opening the door to the classroom so that he could improve his run up with the slipper. (Paul D., 19??-76)

Mr Hockley -- Mr Hockley lesson's alway's seemed {to me} to go very quickly, if i remember he taught History & British Con. He hardly needed any excuse to slipper somebody, i thought he was great to listen to.
He put the lesson over in his own way, once he was teaching the class about "The Tudors & Stewart's"
He said "They were a bunch of Medieval idiot's who stood in a large field before breakfast hacking large lump's of flesh out of each other". Somebody commented that history book's did not depict it like that!
Mr Hockley reply was "It's wrong and i'm right so shut your gob before i thrash you within one inch of your life"
Ah happy day's! (Andrew M., 1974-79)

Teachers -- I remember Mr Hockley (history) very strict and handy with the slipper. [....] (Neil B., 1974-79)

ALL SAINTS CHOIR SCHOOL, Margaret Street, London W1 -- CE private boys prep ?boarding
Closed 1968.
Modi operandi mentioned: Strap on bare buttocks, bending over

All Saints, Margaret Street All Saints courtyard All Saints, Margaret Street Laurence Olivier as a boy

Chastisement -- I had been there about a year when a new master arrived. [....] He arrived at the school armed with a specially fashioned strap. The object of his strapping exploits was of course me. With my trousers down I was made to bend over -- "Bend more tight, more tight," he always said. When I was angled to his satisfaction, he laid it on my bare flesh until my screams reached the vicarage across the courtyard. (Laurence Olivier, actor, age 12/13, 1919-20)

ALL SAINTS RC HIGH SCHOOL, Dukinfield, Greater Manchester (former Cheshire) -- mixed VA catholic secondary comprehensive
Name change 1970s from St Peters & Paul RC School (mixed catholic ?secondary modern). Later renamed All Saints Catholic College.
LEA: Cheshire CC till 1974 then MB Tameside
Modi operandi mentioned: Strap on buttocks or back of thighs, sometimes in public (boys); Ruler on knuckles (girls)

Several -- [....] Mr Henderson and his strap. I loved the way he played a tape of him reading a book (the 39 steps) that we all followed while he just did his own thing. And I can't remember the headmaster's name.
Mrs Rose -- Not the calmest of teachers was she? I remember the whole class playing her up just because we could! Her favourite punishment was two rulers end-on whacking the back of knuckles (once was enough for me). (Cecilia M., 1965-69)

Mr Haigh -- Not to be confused with a perfect gentleman who taught Technical Drawing and would not say "Boo" to a goose, but Mr Haigh in ART.
Anyone who wandered off the straight and narrow would realise what retribution lay ahead when Mr Haigh firmly delivered his leather strap across the back of your thighs, "never mind your arse!"
It would potentially launch you through the art class window.
WOULD YOU CALL THAT ART??!!!! (Ray T., 1968-72)

Fond Memories -- [....] Another of my memories of this school was a public flogging being administered to a pupil on the stage in front of the whole school. The boy who was strapped had been arrested, along with some other Manchester United fans, for wrecking a train en route to the European Cup final. It's hard to believe that such a matter would be dealt with in the same way these days. [....] (John A., 1967-72)

Platforms, Penny rounds Etc....... -- I have many happy memories of the old place, our glorious-victorious football team, prefect competitions to see who could arrest the greatest number of unsuspecting 1st and 2nd years (and giving them a "sharp wrap" across the head) for allegedly not standing in line, the odd birthday party and sending Kez to the offy for a party seven, cos he was the tallest. [....]
And some not so happy memories, does anyone remember Alf's mass strappings? (I seem to remember him strapping all 1st and 2nd year boys on a couple of occasions - he made sure he got his man!), being terrorised by jonsey?, "get out you goat!" lugole?, The wrath of Sister Margaret otherwise known as "Charging Rhino", [....] (John G., 1972-77)

Mr McAuley (Lurch) -- Nervous but nice and sadly completely incapable of controlling a classroom. His classroom being next to lugholes in the new science block was the only deterrent for the unruly.
i seem to remember an incident involving a number of fletchers trolleys (a device for measuring inertia or something) which consisted of a wooden block on which were mounted 4 wheels, they also have a spring loaded piston at the front. now apart from the piston, these things (to those with a fertile enough imagination) looked remarkably like roller skates, and with a small modification (string) could be attatched to the feet allowing the wearer to scoot around the classroom as if it were stalybridge roller ring, i believe that on his untimely return to the classroom, finding himself confronted by several pupils abusing school property, he promptly informed mr ludvigson who dealt with the offenders in the usual manner. i think it was this incident and the subsequent outcome which led to reprisals in the form of a daring raid on lugholes desk (in his absence of course) and the theft of his very thick and very hard strap, which was removed to Alf Bradburys classroom, cut into little peices on the guillotine and cunningly reassembled in lugholes draw. great fun times. (Paul C., 1972-77)

AMBLESIDE COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey -- state boys secondary modern until 1969, then mixed secondary modern
LEA: Surrey CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys); Hand-spanking on clothed buttocks (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on bare buttocks (boys)

Ambleside School, Walton-on-Thames

Mr Hendrikson (Music) -- Mr Hendrikson was an outrageously extrovert American. He wore bizarre light brown and beige suites covered with enormous plaid grids. His ghastly floor-tile appearance was inevitably finished off with a bright yellow tie. [....]
Mr Hendrikson's classes commonly offered an opportunity for the 'partaking of the Michael'. He would then restore order with a round of good old-fashioned spanking. Moving to the special school-issue gramaphone housed in its robust and tasteful limed oak case, Mr Hendrikson would start up a record with a strong and regular beat. He would would then literally put large boys of 13 or 14 over his knee. Mr Hendrikson would then beat time to the music with the sweep of his enormous hand. This hand had been drop-forged in a Pennsylvanian steelworks and was capable of lifting a Sherman tank. Once the beat was well underway and the spanking well advanced, it was not uncommon for Mr Hendrikson to burst into song. Somehow, on occasions like this, Headmaster Thomas never seemed to appear in the room. Unfortunately, with all this musical zest and enthusiasm Mr Hendrikson could easily lose contact with time and reality. He would, however, gaily continue pounding on with his thunderous beat. What might start out as a mild jokey admonishment could turn into a reeling nightmare.
[....] It was probably not surprising that Mr Hendrikson did not last more than a year at Ambleside. (David T., 1959-60)

Mr Croft (Crofty) -- In pre 64 he taught us History. Great guy, much liked but ruled with a slipper of iron.
Mr Skinner (Noddy) -- Art and Drama. Boy, could he slipper - nearly as bad as Crofty. (John R., 1960-64)

Alan Chamberlain -- Maths teacher: looked fairly docile but had a nasty evil temper. Liked to dish out corporal punishment to the lads on their bare bums with his plimsole which was nicknamed "Freddie".
Gwylim Davies -- Short Welsh Headmaster with distinct moustache and a face like thunder. Ruled with a rod of iron (and a big over-utilised swishy cane), and took no prisoners!! (Steve D., 1969-72)

AMERY HILL SCHOOL, Alton, Hants -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
Incorporating Alton County Secondary School (mixed secondary modern).
LEA: Hampshire CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (girls and boys); Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified (boys)

Headmaster, Mr Luke -- A very well thought of and respected headmaster, certainly by me, but particularly by those boys who were caught jumping up the playground wall. I still remember the stinging pain. (David G., 1952-56)

Mr Luke -- Headmaster: The Boss was a local magistrate, so few crossed his sword. But I always found him to be fair, he wouldn't tollerate bullying, and offenders saw the inside of his office. Many feared to enter this sacred place unless on an errand!! Bring back law & order in Schools it never did us any harm. Good Job Done Mr Luke. (Derek G., 1958-62)

Myss Hales -- I can always remember her cupboard as I was always in trouble for being rebellious, many a caning there. Never did any of us any harm so bring back the discipline to schools and the like! (Jennifer S., 1966)

Mr Edwin -- Geography Teacher. I was at Amery Hill from 69-74 and Mr Edwin taught my uncle who was at the school from 59-61 ish. I always remember his slipper, and great love of all things railways. (Roger S., 1969-74)

Mr Winston J Samuda -- Taught RE and English. I remember some of our class were invited to his house for tea and his wife cooked bannanas and sweet potatoes Carrabean style! It was a bit unusual in those days. He was on a TV quiz show and won a lot of money. He was also a bit handy with a cane!! (Martin L., 1970-75)

Joey Meager -- I will never forget being chased by Mr Meager with his cane and funny walk, just because we didn't stand aside in the Science corridor to let him through. Bloody ratbag !! (Ian H., 1974-79)

ANDOVER SECONDARY MODERN SCHOOL, Andover, Hampshire -- state mixed secondary modern
LEA: Hampshire CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on buttocks (boys); Cardboard tube, target unspecified (boys)

Crane (waxy) -- Was this the name of the biology teacher? used to drive a Sumbeam Talbot black car. Also used to threaten to spank pupils with a running shoe with spikes, used to bring it down on pupils backsides, and turned it over in mid flight, so as you were struck by the upper. My backside still stings just thinking about it!!!! (Frank C., 1955-59)

Mr Graham -- First person to receive the cane from Mr Graham. Do you remember who the second person was - because I went first? I know & will my partner in crime publicly own up. (Geoffrey B., 1962-66)

"screw" -- yes he was very handy with that cane. got whacked every day for six weeks in 68. he loved the power, but it never changed me at all. i was still a nutcase, always cracking jokes. still do! (Terry C., 196?-68)

Pop Palmer's Warm Welcome -- Being on the receiving end of over 70 swishes of the Screw Cane (I don't think the penny ever did drop with him, did it?) I feel that I have a legitimate claim to the dubious distinction of one of the Most Caned Schoolboys in Hampshire. However, I have to tip my cap to my old mate Trevor B., age 11, who on his very first day at school at morning assembly, was convicted by the much feared Pop Palmer and caned by the Rt. Honorable Screw, Ernest Graham. This was the first day of his tenure as Headmaster which therefore refutes the claim of Bomber B. to have been the very first boy to be caned. Poor, gallant Trev was initiated before he even got a chance to sit down for his first class. What a way to get off the mark! (Neville T., 196?-69)

Mr Carter -- P.E. Teacher - good bloke. Gave me the slipper once for fighting though - guess I shouldn't have punched Ashley R.! I got 4 whacks, R. got 3 - R. got punched again!! (Bernie M., 19??-71)

Mr. Sharp (Sharpy) -- Does anyone remember his famous plimsole? I remember once him going to administer it on a class mates backside and he said to him "the last time I did this he had Dunlop imprinted on his bum for a fortnight!" (Stuart C., 1967-72)

Screw -- Interesting to see Screw's cane was introduced in 1966. Come about 1971 it was about half the length, frayed and knackered as witnessed by Dave G., and myself. We both came out of the office looked at each other and said "was that it". The threat was larger than the find. Oh yes and it wasn't us that committed the crime. (Not totally goody 4 shoes, just wrong place at right time I guess). (Geoff B., 1968-73)

Mr Beard -- I remember a Geography teacher, Mr Beard I think, had a tube (possible cardboard, possibly titanium?) called 'Elephants Kiss MkII - never new what happened to MkI. Used for general infliction of pain. (Peter H., 1968-73)

ANFIELD COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL, Liverpool -- state boys secondary comprehensive
LEA: CB Liverpool until 1974, then MB Liverpool
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on buttocks, bending over; Cane on hands; Ruler on clothed buttocks, bending over, sometimes in public; Slipper/gymshoe on clothed buttocks, bending across desk, in public

A 36" steel rule called Dorothy -- Does any one remember Mr Blamires the metal work teacher and his 36" steel rule called Dorothy. before you got a wallop you had to shake hands with it. (Ian W., 1964-68)

Stan the Man and Forty balls -- Stan loved his slipper and fortyballs taught us how to play rugby, altogether a great time was had in PE if you were part of the team. (William S., 1966-69)

[....] Remember Thommo's 3 foot ruler covered with plaster and tape at one end. He used to belt yoou across the arse for talking and once Dave C. went to the front to watch someone else get whacked........ Thommo collared him instead. (Laugh? The class had tears.) (David R., 19??-71)

Caned for Being Late! -- Do you remember the rule that if you arrived after the bell EVERYONE would have to queue up to be caned by your House teacher - Mr Scott was mine. How harsh was that!! I remember seeing a huge queue waiting outside the school for the cane - I decided to go back home instead! (Julian 'Jue' B., 1968-74)

Paddy Ryan -- Paddy Ryan was my house master, he was continually trying to catch me for sagging, even sampling my english books to check my writing against sick notes, he subjected me to lengthy lectures in his office and the cane but he never actually caught me. I remember another great sagger Graeme B. the only time i ever saw him was in Paddys office. (William L., 19??-74)

Mitchinson -- He was one of the gang of three in languages, the other 2, Thompson and Benny Goodman. They used to try and outdo each other with their use of violence. Mitchinson had a size 13 pump, Goodman and Thompson metre rulers bound together with tape for maximum effect. Desk lids used to be banged at the exact moment that a ruler or pump hit bottock! What crimes were these punishments metered out for? Not getting enough marks in vocab and talking! I'm glad things have moved on. (David C., 1968-75)

Mr Thompson -- The french master. His class was like "Wacko" with Jimmy Edwards. Minor infractions or mispronunciations of foriegn words would result in corporal punishment. The ruler had a name and was bound in red and white tape. Very dodgey. Today he would be suspended. (Graeme J., 1970-77)

PADDY RYAN -- Although paddy was the best english teacher, he still always use to ask whether or not you are catholic or prositant, then you would get the slipper in front of the class. Those were the days!! (Adrian S., 1971-77)

Mitchelsons pump -- Can anyone remember getting a crack of Mr Mitchelsons (French) pump across the arse in front of everyone in the class. You dare not blubber. I,m sure him and Thompson took a party of us to France in the 2nd year and Spain in the 4th year. Can anyone remember them. (James G., 1971-78)

Benny Goodman -- Does anyone remember French lessons. Benny use to like nothing better than putting you over the desk and wacking you with a ruler. Remember the other language teachers Mitch and Thompson. They also loved to hit especially on your birthday. (Philip T., 1971-78)

Mitch -- I think his name was Mitchinson and he was my French teacher 1st to 3rd years. He had the craziest hair style in the world, sort of like a huge cone or horn of frizzy hair which grew at a slant from the front of his head. Some of the kids called him 'floss' because of this. He was actually an O.K. bloke, but did like to mete out punishment with a pump he called 'Fred', and a smaller one he called 'Son of Fred'! (Stuart R., 1977-84)

APPLETON SCHOOL, Benfleet, Essex -- state mixed secondary modern until 1967 then secondary comprehensive
LEA: Essex CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on buttocks (boys); Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified (boys)

Wembley School Trip -- The night of the visit to Wembly arena to see the Harlem Globe Trotters, a 45 seater coach full of the worst bunch of reprebates possable all under the wing of the then PE staff, Mr.Jones, Mr.Ellis. Some bright sparks (Paul C., Tony P., Steve G., Me, and various others) had the idea of smuggling cans of beer onto the coach, comandeering the back seats and getting into a serious drinking party on the way to London, all went well untill someone rolled a full can down the coach gang way!!! all hell let loose.
we ended up in Eddie Haynes office (about 10 of us) with the confiscated beer on his desk and 3 bucketts full of VIM on the floor, he made us empty all the cans into the bucketts and then caned our backside raw. PRICELESS!!!!! (Still got the Ticket stubs) (Mervyn G., 1967-72)

Mr E.E. Haynes -- An honourable mention for the fearsome EE (Eddie) Haynes, the original (and still the best) Headmaster. He retired the same month as I left, July 1973 and softened slightly in his last few months. He terrified both pupils and junior teachers alike. Many's the time (when something was up) the classroom door would burst open and he would fill the door, his cape billowing and flexing his well used cane in front of him. Then with a face like thunder he would stalk round the room flicking certain boys behind the ear with his cane whilst I prayed that it wasn't me he was looking for.
A milling throng in the corridors could be brought to a silent standstill if his familiar bellow of "YOU BOY!" was suddenly heard. The only boy likely to still be trying to sidle round the corner would be his chosen prey. Often me, unfortunately. [....] A frightening but a fine man. (Steven H., 1968-73)

EE Haynes -- Always will remember the Headmaster with the cane and cape and the very red face when in rage!! Which was quite often!! (Diane S., c.1974)

Mr Blackshaw -- He had the job of giving boys the cane. One teacher you were advised not to upset. (Martin N., 19??-81)

Mr Browse -- He used to shower you with spit every time he spoke to you and sometimes gave you the slipper. nice man should have been Prime Minister (Karl D., 1979-84)

ARCHBISHOP ILSLEY RC SCHOOL, Acocks Green, Birmingham, W. Midlands -- state mixed catholic secondary comprehensive
LEA: CB Birmingham until 1974 then MB Birmingham
Modi operandi mentioned: Ruler/paddle on clothed buttocks (boys); Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified (boys)

Mr Heath -- Remember we called him "Hector" after the TV program Hectors House. He had the classroom at the end of the long corridor on the ground floor and at break times he would watch all of us moving about from the small window in the door, hence "Hectors House". As for the wooden whacker - I remember it was a modified T-square from his Tech drawing class, and yes - "OUCH"!!!!! (Dave P., 19??-74)

Mr Heath -- Metalwork and later technical drawing teacher. renowned for his wooden whacker, shaped with handgrip for extra clout. He would chalk 'OUCH' in reverse on the blade so when used would leave letters impressed on black school trousers. I had a taste of this when caught playing conkers on the grass outside the 6th form common room (formerly the staff room). (Chris S., 1969-77)

Mr. Robinson -- How many boys had the pump? (Marie G., 1979-84)

Mr O' Brien -- Most thing I remember about this guy was him screaming "I'll welt your backside boy!" [...] Excellent History teacher though! (Neil P., 1980-85)

ARCHBISHOP TEMPLE'S SCHOOL, Lambeth, London -- state CE (possibly VA) mixed secondary comprehensive, former secondary modern.
Merger (1961) of separate boys' and girls' Archbishop Temple's Schools. Closed 1974.
LEA: LCC until 1965 then Inner London (now Lambeth)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on buttocks, bending over, with run-up (boys)

Fieldgate -- He had been recuited 1n 1948/9 to teach Latin which he did for 2a to 5a. The school was trying to upgrade to Grammar. They were not successful and therefore Latin & Mr Fieldgate went when we did in 1954. All those who took Latin passed, it was my own best result. His main ploy was to give one stroke of the cane to all those who failed to get 11 out of 20 for homework.
One day he dragged an older boy into our class at the start of a lesson with the intention of caning him. The boy's older brother, probably 15, followed and prevented this. There was a lot of struggling. Although Fieldgate was quite burly he was unable to control a determined 15 year old. Most modern teachers wouldn't even try. The brothers were well liked by teachers & other pupils. I seem to remember the parents had objected earlier. There must have been quite a row in the head's office later. I gained the impression that Jock Cameron in particular disliked Fieldgate & his methods. (David W., 1949-54)

Mr Evans c.1962

Mr Evans -- The really lovely welshman studied Languages at the Lycee in Paris and taught me and my colleagues French (should that be moi et nous) - Je have many happy memories of him - including his telling me that I could improve my diction if I rolled my r's - so I wiggled my backside on the chair as I spoke - Mr E was not amused and caned me. (Brian F., 1958-64)

Mrs Steel -- As I recall, very attractive, very fit and highly skilled with a slipper.
Step 1. Make miscreant bend over at one end of the classroom.
Step 2. Go to the other end of the room.
Step 3. Take a running swipe at the poor unfortunate's backside - OUCH!
No doubt I deserved it (at least, I don't recall ever having copped it without good reason!). (Eric F., 1964-69)

ARCHBISHOP TENISON'S SCHOOL, Kennington Oval, London -- state CE VA boys secondary grammar until 1980s, then boys secondary comprehensive
LEA: LCC until 1965 then Inner London (now Lambeth)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on clothed buttocks, bending over, with run-up; Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified; Cane on buttocks, trousers down, in public

Archbishop Tenison's School

Birchenough - I'll never forget Had 6 of the best from him.
Wasn't the school called Archbishop Tenisons Grammar School in those days. (Bob S., 19??-50)

Mr Butler was not everyone's cup of tea, but he was a great Physics teacher, and since that was my favourite subject, I got on well with him. (Apart from the few occasions when he had to carry out his allotted duty of administering the cane).
And who could forget that bump on his head? (Derek T., 1944-51)

Dr Butler -- Deputy Headmaster during my time at The School. He was authorised to carry out canings and did so at the very top of the stairs above the Headmaster's office (near the round window, where you could watch the cricket at the Oval, until you got caught). Dr Butler would perch you on the edge of the top step, so that you couldn't move forward to escape without falling down the stairs!
PS - you could be caned for being caught watching the cricket - hardly cricket, what?
Dr? Birchenough -- As I recall, Dr? Birchenough was a History Teacher? I thought that he had the most appropriate name of all the Masters at the time, being one of those authorised to administer the cane. This he did with practiced ease. (Victor L., 19??-51)

"Six of the Best" -- Received from Headmaster Dr Robinson, only protection PE shorts. On completion, we had to say "Thank you Sir"! - and that was just for chattering during morning assembly. How times have changed! (Bernard W., c.1953)

Teachers -- [....] Some with apt names would tend to cane a little too enthusiastically. (Michael C., 1946-54)

Gibbs -- The fondest memory is of the day he gave our whole form, 2B, in about 1958/9, an after-school detention. This followed a particularly rugged class, and naturally we thoroughly deserved it. He had been at Tenison's a short time, following Bertin, and was, I think, quite inexperienced. We used to give the poor man a very rough time. The villains in the class, well used to punishment, lobbied the rest of the class. (I confess - it was my idea.) "Don't turn up. If nobody's there, he won't know what to do. He can't cane us all."
The 'good kids' agreed. They didn't show. Our mob did. Gibbs was amazed to find only the thugs in place for his detention. The rest were caned next day.
We thought it quite funny at the time, but it might well have been one of the cornerstones of Mr Gibbs later rage. And to any of those kids that got whacked - sorry! (Vic W., 1955-60)

Hugh Lindsay (Kingstonians?) was nice although he caned me once! So was Mr Field and the art teacher at that time. Can anyone remember his name? (Christopher B., c.1960)

Ebenezer Birchenough -- In defence of Ben. He could be a raving, xenophobic nutter at times but I speak as a bloke who had Ben as a form master for 4 years, tucked away round the corner in room 14.
He caned me once for talking in class, despite warnings but I swear to this day that he hardly put any effort at all into the 3 whacks, not like some I could name who seemed to take a run up worthy of Jonathon Edwards when caning decent, honest pupils.
No Ben was OK when you got to know him. I now expect a torrent of abuse and stories to contradict my claim. (John J., 196?-65)

Basher Bates -- Anyone remember Basher's 'dusting tests' where you got a 'five bar gate' if you did'nt make the cut? (Chris H., 1962-65)

Hart -- Several people seem to have disliked him but I had no trouble with him. Mind you he did beat the maths into me with a cane. (Glynn G., 1957-65)

Mr Birchenough -- An apt name I thought given his short fuse and propensity to giving the cane. Who else remembers "the first 50 verses of Psalm 119". For all that a great teacher and one of lifes characters. (John G., c.1966)

Windy Gale -- French Teacher, great bloke, but carried "Windy's Whacker" in the sleeve of his cape for those who didn't do so well in tests. Wouldn't be allowed now. (Paul L., 1962-67)

Dr "stinky" Polgar -- Math & Physics. Drove a yellow volkswagon bug which he parked in front of the school.
We covered it with spitballs using empty biro tubes for which we received 4 in sumner's office. Anyone remember Stinky's favourite phrase --"Effrebody wriiiites!".
What a suit! What a pipe! What teeth! (Ian S., 19??-67)

Dr.Polgar -- It used to crack me up when he said "Minus 5 " in his thick Hungarian / Czech accent. He could only see the kids in the first couple of rows, his eyesight was so poor.
If he caned you and you stood close enough to the radiator, he would whack that instead. (Paul B., 1967-72)

Caning competition -- What a strange and perverted bunch of lads there were in class 3C of 1970/71. The teachers were so liberal with corporal punishment, that the boys had a caning competition one term to see who could get the most strokes. I can’t remember who won though! (Rikki C., 1968-73)

“Charlie” Fruin - the non-pariel of caners, this chap could cane for England. Only a short run-up, but back-lift and follow-through were immaculate. The man took immense pride in his work. Jumbo, Danny etc, all amateurs by comparison. (John S., 1967-74)

Les Stockell -- seem to remember had a few fingers missing, favoured rugby players, slipperred me once for doing homework in my classwork book. Took dim view of people not turning up to gym with gymkit, favourite phrase "you blockhead S.". (Mick S., 1968-75)

Remember the time that on the way to games in Motspur Park, one of the boys gobbed out of the window of the train. His punishment was being caned, with his trousers round his ankles, in front of the whole year. Boy did that kid yelp.
Didnt like him one bit but he didnt deserve that. (Errol D., 1976-78)

teachers - Remembering back all those somewhat strange individuals we had apparently called teachers, [....] Mr Colwell Nylon shirts that stab you in the gut when you bend over which was regular with the cane. [....] Fred White i seem to remember him helping make water bombs to lob off the roof onto Dr Masons head. (Andrew R., 1974-79)

YSGOL ARDUDWY, Harlech, Merioneth -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
LEA: Merioneth until 1974 then Gwynedd
Modi operandi mentioned: Paddle on buttocks (boys)

Richard Muir -- Dear Dickie Muir, now no longer with us and sadly missed. He was a fantastic woodwork teacher whom frightened the life out of the first year boys with HORRACE!!! Horrace was for those who forgot their woodworking aprons or guilty of any 'crime' that could be thought of for sheer fun. Horrace was of course a short plank administered accross the buttocks which had a sting value of 6 out of 10 but terrible shame and indignity. Sounds horrible but was always given and taken in good fun. God bless Mr Muir and thanks for being such a great bloke. (Freddie H., 1964-69)

ARNOLD SCHOOL, Blackpool, Lancs -- private, boys junior and senior combined, formerly partly boarding, became mixed in mid-1970s, a "Public" (Headmasters' Conference) School.
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified

a fire being set off by jon B. in the old school (there was two clasrooms that had a partition seperating them) and the poor unfortunate getting six off o.c. wigmore and a reccomendation that he see a psychiatrist. He was falsely accused by the way!! (Ray W., 196?-69)

Oliver Wigmore (HeadMaster) -- I still remember him now. Stern face and a dignity that scared me to death. He was God after all wasn't he. Good shot with a cane too, if my memory serves me. OUCH! (David R., 1967-75)

ARUNDEL HOUSE SCHOOL, Surbiton, Greater London (former Surrey) -- private boys prep. Closed 1987.
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified; Slipper/gymshoe on buttocks, bending over

Mr Kahn -- Reading others memories. I find it hard to believe that he was still there all those years later. Did he have the recipe for eternal life?
I can remember being sent out into the hall to be caned by Mr Kahn, but for some reason he forgot about me for several hours. By the time he re-discovred my presence, he had the good grace to postpone the caning; fortunately, for-ever....unless he's still alive out there somewhere....... (Nick W., c.1957)

the lunch time walk -- Who remembers the walk into Surbiton to go into the posh cafe up the stairs for lunch, having past the other school (secondary) and they called us rude names so one day near the end of term some of us slipped into ther playground and we had a bundle. My greatest feat was to go the whole of the last term without getting the slipper. (Clifford 'Cliff' C., c.1959)

Mr Grier -- Mr Grier must have worn out a few pairs of gym shoes over the years as he certainly helped wear one down on MY backside! His quiet calmness when reciting your misdemeanours often led you to believe that you were going to get 'let off' but I can't remember it happening. (John P., c.1959-60)

Mr Khan -- Ah Mr. Khan. As I was the connoisseur of the slipper I remember old Khan I would be sent outside for talking at lunch, Khan besides being deaf as a post was as blind as a bat, I would see him coming down the red carpet stairs and would wedge myself in the door frame so he would not see me, on the occasion's when he would see me I would get the slipper.
A pathetic whack nothing like Greer's I could swear Khan would linger on contact.
Did anyone ever venture up the red carpeted stairs?
Greer -- I remember I had this one prefect that would send me for the slipper for just about anything. Greer had this sawn off slipper sole he would use this thing was solid and was guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes.
Worst thing was I remember you would be sent to Greer and you would have to stand outside his office facing the wall until he came. Looking back the funny thing is you would be scared stiff Greer would come along and ask you what you had done and you would tell him in detail without even lying, he would then tell you to wait for the slipper.
You could easily have walked away before Greer came but no you would hang around and wait to confess.
I remember when Greer would call you into that little bookworm office of his, the door would close, the draw would open, there it was, books down the back of your trousers would not protect you from the crack of that finally tuned slipper!
Even worse when he would say I have not got time today come here next Wednesday for the slipper at 2'o'clock you would then have the thought for two or three days the slipper was coming and as disciplined you would turn up like clockwork and Greer would not even remember until you remind him then you would get the slipper
The lesson I learnt... Never Never Confess Anything. (Jonathan H., 1969-74)

Mr Greer snr -- Who can forget standing in the corridor (in the senior part of the school, and next to a large bell) waiting to be called into a small cubby hole and be granted six of the best. Not sure if my memory serves me correctly, but did Greer have a selection of slippers, graded by the depth of sole?
And, who can forget the infamous beating administered to the rogue who decided it would be a good idea to mix shotgun cartridges into the instant mash served at that truly dreadful cafe we used to have to troop to each day? (Mark W., c.1976-78)

Mr Kahn -- Old Kahnny balls as we knew him. He must of been nearly 100 when he taught me scriptures. He smelt of urine and had the most disgusting finger nails all bent and crooked. I remember whispering very quietly when speaking to him and then he would continue to put the volume of his hearing aid up then we would speak normally and deafen him even more. His attempts at beating you were pathetic but at least he tried. What memories. (Simon P., c.1978-80)

ASHBURTON COUNTY SCHOOL, Custom House, London E16 -- state mixed secondary modern
Closed early 1970s.
LEA: CB West Ham until 1965 then LB Newham
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on hands (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on clothed buttocks (boys)


miss gold -- she was the music teacher she tried to cane you on the hand and hit your wrist. (Alfred F., 1961-66)



UPDATE: I have left all the anecdotes intact, mistakes and all, but I'm informed that the teacher mentioned as Mr Townsend was actually MR TOWNEND. -C.F.

ASHDOWN HOUSE SCHOOL, Forest Row, East Sussex -- private mixed prep 7-13 boarding
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys)

Ashdown House School

They were keen to drum into everyone how to behave well in any situation, which is a very British upper- class way of thinking. I used to get sick and tired of it. The most rebellious things I did always involved girls. I often used to get caught in the girls' dormitory in the middle of the night. I got caned an awful lot for other things, too, like talking after lights out. (Damian Lewis, film actor, 1979-84)

ASHLEY COUNTY SECONDARY SCHOOL, New Milton, Hampshire -- state mixed secondary modern
Closed c.mid-1970s.
LEA: Hampshire CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on hands (boys)

Ashley County School

End of the Second World War -- One of my earliest memories of Ashley was knocking the brick blast walls down from in front of the windows, towards the end of the second World War. As it only took a few small lads with little hammers to knock off the bricks one at a time, I dont know what good they would have been against a bomb blast!
Another early memory was standing in the corner of the Headmasters study (Mr Wakefield or old 'whack' to such as I), nursing a sore hand and blubbing my eyes out, while eyeing the Bren gun resting against the wall and toying with the idea of cutting his teaching career short! In those days the cane was used if you got more than a small number of 'debits' - 3 or 4 I think? I got more than my fair share of those for poor handwriting - which as I had a gammy hand, I felt was a little unfair. Poor old Livingstone (my school 'House') I kept them at the bottom of the list almost single handed! (Desmond H., c.1944-48)

David Gorvett -- My (all too) frequent interaction with our Headteacher tended to be on those occasions when I had misbehaved, my having been referred to him by his Deputy (whose name I believe was Brookes - a man who was cruelly adept with a cane!).
School Play - Circus Boy -- I well remember this particular school play. Patrick C., who was a couple of years or so older than me, took the lead role and I played the part of a public school boy - the Honorable something or other. As part of the play we had to fight each other, and we rehearsed this particular scene with all due diligence and reality. Come the actual performance we both got so carried away that we fell off the stage on to the top of the nearby grand piano, at which a very shocked Alison Arthurs (our Music teacher) was seated....we continued our (theatrical) fight on the surface of the piano (well, the show must go on and all that!) and eventually managed to get back up on to the stage.....all of which resulted in yet another trip to the office of the indomitable Mr Brookes!....."we didn't do it on purpose sir!, honest!!".....thwack! (Malcolm W., 1964-69)

ASHMEAD SCHOOL FOR BOYS, Reading -- state boys secondary modern. Became comprehensive at some point, and in the 1990s merged with a girls' school and renamed Ashmead Community School and later Thamesbridge College.
LEA: CB Reading until 1974 then Berkshire CC (now Reading)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified; Slipper/gymshoe on buttocks, bending over; Boot on buttocks, bending over

Dew -- English teacher large size 12 plimsole as a deterent to talking in class. (David M., 1955-59)

David is right about "Dewie's" fearsome slipper (and the cricket stump). Didn't he have a name for that slipper - we all felt it at some time! (Roland B., 1955-60)

Mr Winterton (headmaster) -- What a good head he was, always had time to chat if he passed you in the playground, but what about The DREADED Mr Saunders (deputy head), he was never happy unless he was canning someone, sadly both have passed on Mr saunders about 5 yrs ago & Mr Winterton died a couple of years ago well into his 90's. (David A., 19??-61)

Treweek - Dew -- "Dewy" (apt for librarian) Upper School English master - big bear of a man who drove a "The Saint" (aka Roger Moore) style Volvo, and who shambled menacingly through the school corridors, shoulders hunched, and fag in mouth. Sported bushy military stye tash. Suspended from his blackboard on a silver chain, hung the dreaded "Rudolph" the plimsole - named presumably because any boy unfortunate enough to encounter it, finished up red arsed ! A great character who commanded genuine respect, but also affection. Lived in Winnersh I believe. (Colin B., 1957-62)

Mr John -- Music teacher, small man with cane/slipper but could be a good laugh. (Alan B., 1962-66)

Mr Masters -- We were told to go to his classroom to learn English but I'm afraid his control of us was not too good! He did have the ultimate weapon though in his store cupboard, one of those canvas multi-studded hockey boots - painful, YES it was and to make it worse he made us put our heads under a shelf so we couldn't flinch or we got a sore head as well! Still, whilst it didn't instill much discipline, it didn't do me any long term harm other than not improving my spelling. (Steve B., 196?-67)

Mr Winterton (left) and Mr Saunders (right) in c.1968

Teacher memories -- [....] Mr Saunders -- the pipe smoking deputy with a passion for caning lads with the same vice -- and I knew how much he smoked -- he used to buy his baccy from my uncle! [....] (Graham H., 1960-67)

Mr. Moody -- Taught 1st year English. On one occasion Mr. Moody had two boys (Andre P. and John S., if memory serves) read aloud their graded and returned compositions. The pair sat next to each other at the front of the class. One lad began reading - Mr. Moody stopped him, then instructed the pair to stand, turn and face the class and read aloud simultaneously. Indeed, the compositions were identical, word for word. Mr. Moody hypothesized that the odds were astronomical against two boys sitting next to each other independently coming up with identical compositions. He concluded, therefore, that the source of their inspiration had to have been divine. Did I mention Mr. Moody was very handy with the slipper?
Haydn John -- I always had a soft spot for Mr. John. Sure, we perennial malcontents could expect to receive corporal punishment from him on a regular basis. But in Mr. John's case it was administered with style. He went about it with elan. And he had a sense of humour, allowing us to choose the instrument of pain from his varied arsenal. The plimsoll was named Instant Death and the assorted batons and canes were Stinger Mark I, Stinger Mark II, and so on. Sadly, music was not a serious subject for us at the time; we did not share Mr. John's passion. I imagine he had to deal with bad behavior, like ours, year after year. [....]
One too many -- Mr. Cooke was collecting the signed and returned report books during 2X form period. Four of us had got away with blowing up the envelope and bursting it. A fifth boy, I think C., burst his. Cooke went nuclear. Any more of it and all offenders would be caned. We sat back, smugly, having pushed the envelope (pun intended). Then, in an apparent fit of insanity, Keith B., decided to burst his envelope. Needless to say, what followed was somewhat painful for the half dozen of us.
Looking back, my conduct was atrocious; I was caned eight times, as best as I recall. Since corporal punishment is no longer permissible my dubious record, as the family's most caned member, shall endure, ad infinitum. [....] In 5X I rebelled and shaved my head. That was my final caning. (Richard N., 1964-70)

Mr Winterton / Mr Saunders (Sam) -- Always proud of the fact that his son had been given corporal punishment when he was at the school.
Sam always told those to be punished to report to the Medical Room. (Iain W., 19??-70)

All Teachers -- [....] Mr John (Music) - always caning people. [....] (Steve R., 1965-70)

Slippers -- Music lessons with Herbert John were frquently permeated by those immortal words from Herbert "Bend over Boy". After that someone would be nursing a painful rear end as his trusty slipper made contact with it. (Alan W., 1964-71)

mr creighton -- Who remembers that massive board outside creightons office which showed every class and what lessons they were taking, what time, what day god it was complicated my best mate michael C. and i used to go and read it and Mr Creighton used to grab us for a chat, his office was very daunting wasn't it! How you doing lads? Enjoying school lads? blah! blah! And then an interruption in his office, two lads caught smoking, six of the best each and he would say to us "That's whats waiting for you when you come to me we always agreed and went away wiser pupils. (Michael N., 1967-72)

sam saunders -- very hard very fair didnt like gambling in school, me and brian G. were caught he was going to slipper us, but i told i threw double six, G. wouldnt pay so G. got it like i said above. (Daryl C., 1971-77)

ATHOLL SCHOOL, Rayners Lane, Pinner, Middlesex -- private boys 10-16 grammar day
Closed mid-1990s.
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on clothed buttocks; Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified

Mr. Davies -- Latin teacher, first name was Rupert I think, used to ride his bike to school with a flask of nettle tea in the saddlebag and enjoyed administering corporal punishment in front of the class. (Roger K., 19??-63)

Caning -- Great memories of my schooldays. As for caning or suspensions, I am amazed that NOT ONE former pupil has mentioned these subjects, which was rife at our Stalag in the Sixties. Was I the only kid at this school in the late Sixties to hold the honour for being caned regularly for injudicious pranks (and suspended)? Must be my Latin blood!!! For example, I remember the absurd annual trek to Granada Cinema for Local Schools Symphony Orchestra Day, where all pupils are supposed to stand-up at a certain time (don't ask me why). My class mischievously caused uproar by standing up "en masse" before the curtain arose - five hundred other local school pupils around us stood as well - all teachers went crazy , calling us troublemakers, and me the ringleader - ME????. Headmaster accused me of bringing the school into disrepute and caned me so hard the next day the cane actually broke on my backside - lucky I came prepared and wore two pairs of shorts under my trousers to cushion the blow!!. [....]
I got the last laugh, they may have caned me regularly but they did not "beat" me - they got so fed up with me they made me a Sixth Form Prefect instead - and I also went on to start successful businesses in life to enable me to retire at fifty.
Mr McConkie -- Scotsman who taught French and came to us after teaching English to the Ethiopian Air Force!! Used to walk about in his gown and mortar board swishing his cane menacingly, making pupils tremble, especially if their work was not of a high standard. Liked caning liberally to the likes of me, Ed B., Mike S. and Paul A. (and others). Much feared. (R.A., 19??-68)

Mr Rumble -- in the 60's the head was a Mr Rumble, I believe his initials were JC. If I remember correctly he had a son in the year below me. Other teachers at the time were Mr McConkey - a scot who taught french and kept a cane in his gown called Mr Whippy, Mr Leech (maths) who lived around the corner and could often be seen walking his dog, Mr Pocklington (games) who liked to use a plimsole instead of a cane and Miss Adele (geography I think) [....] Thinking back the school during the 60's was pretty much a male equivalent of St Trinnians. (Peter B., 1963-68)

AURIOL COUNTY JUNIOR SCHOOL, Stoneleigh, Epsom, Surrey -- state mixed 7-11
LEA: Surrey CC
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane, target unspecified (boys); Slipper/gymshoe on bare buttocks (boys)

Mr Stephens -- Anyone remember the smoke bomb in the loos??? Mr Stephens called all the boys into a special assembly, trying to find out set the smoke bomb off... Whilst Mr Stephens was strolling across the stage, displaying his favourite cane, someone puts their hand up to admit to holding the smoke bomb whilst it were being lit (brave guy lol)!!!! (Rhys F., 1977-80)

Mr Alexander -- Well at the time I held the school cross country record, but still got spanked by him in the showers with the size 13 trainer rubber if anyone remembers that. (David L., c.1979)

AVELEY COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL, South Ockendon, Essex -- state mixed secondary comprehensive
Name and status change (1971) from Aveley County Secondary School (mixed secondary modern). More recently renamed The Aveley School.
LEA: Essex CC (now Thurrock)
Modi operandi mentioned: Slipper/gymshoe, target unspecified (boys)

Aveley County Secondary School

Paddy Rice was the geography teacher who used a size 13 plimsole to "punish" pupils. He was a local council official and all I remember was the man was tall and large.
I remember in the fifth year being at the back of his class of first years and he showed them that they need to behave by giving 3 of us 5 of the best! He was strict but I always found him to be fair! (Terry S., 1961-66)

mr napier (harold) -- Who remembers this famous nutter!!!!! Boys PE teacher. What he used to do in that little room if you was a naughty boy, ahh, memories. And that slipper was a killer!! (Mitch F., 1968-72)

AVELEY COUNTY TECHNICAL COLLEGE (previously Aveley County Technical High School), Grays, Essex -- state mixed secondary technical
LEA: Essex CC (now Thurrock)
Modi operandi mentioned: Cane on clothed buttocks (boys)

Mr Metcalf -- Deputy Head - demon with a cane - he seemed to relish it! Remember me, Dave S. and Jim M. being sent to see the man and all three of us having at least 6 exercise books down our trousers. Needless to say, Metcalf discovered them and then doubled the number of strokes! (Roger G., 19??-66)

Mr Metcalf -- Affectionately!!! known as "Klank" with a short back and sandpaper hair cut. Caught us making a din whilst waiting for teacher, lines given was "Excess of elocution entails extra evening employment" and god help us if we misspelt it.
I personally had an appointment with his cane the second day at the school, the first of many, developed 3 welts on the backside and received a thump from my dad when he saw them. (Roy C., 1967-73)

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